Depressing Loki Series

Depressing Loki Series

Everything is too depressing Loki Series, as if the show was attacked by the Dementors and sucked all life out of it. In the almost aggressive promo of the project, the word mischief made the ears go. It was pronounced to the place and out of place, but in fact it was only in the first episode in the episode with Loki in the form of Dee Bi Cooper. Criticizing the option, Mobius told Loki that he is the god of deceit, but the analyst does not see deceit in his actions. And nobody sees! It will take several years, and this version of Loki will enchant Odin himself, placing him in a nursing home.

A cruel joke, just in the style of the god of mischief and deceit – he does evil with imagination. After falling into the abyss, Loki was able to negotiate with Thanos himself, and in the Citadel at the End of Time, he does not stick with the most innocuous version of Kang. The dynamics of character change is too fast, and this does not inspire confidence. Internal changes take time, so it seems that Loki lacks a couple of movie episodes.

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We will see an unexpected flashback of the original image once, of course, also in the Void. The Loki President will appear surrounded by a small army of all sorts of versions of himself and will behave in the framework of caricatured expectations: he will betray his other options, they will betray him in return, and a battle for power will begin. The Loki version will look at the whole thing in Old Russian melancholy, sigh, hide his face (I recall Tony Stark’s phrase to Banner from “War of Infinity”: “You shame in front of sorcerers!”). All this to show a little sketch of personal growth.

Like, Loki is no longer like that, he grew up, became different. What’s good about that? Loki the President is a narcissist and self-centered, but he has a strong character, not a neon sign of “kick me” instead. If you choose between these extremes, it’s probably still better to be president.

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Tom Hiddleston in Loki

Tom Hiddleston in Loki

Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston in Loki is clearly not helped by his encyclopedic knowledge. It takes a couple of minutes to think it over, because it was the least expected trick from him. He knows about Loki, probably already more than Loki himself, has been playing him for over ten years – what went wrong? Against the background of a bunch of clerks of the same type with the image of the god of deception, it is easy to stand out without doing anything at all, so why not?

In UVI that, not only magical, but also acting abilities do not work? Too uneven work. For an actor of this level – a shame. No, at some moments his performance is delightful and immediately, a second later, tortured (for the sake of all gods, why sob so much?). Drives into confusion. How does an actor with such experience, training and talent look so helpless on screen that it’s time to prank Get Help?

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To seriously discuss Sophia Di Martino’s acting would be cruel. She is discouragingly uncharismatic (which is a very big problem for the role of Loki-variant), constantly saves on facial expressions (closer to the final series, the spectrum narrows to two: stone and even more stone), does not skimp on stamps, shamefully replays, cuts phrases through clenched teeth, and it looks terrible. Perhaps this is it to enhance the drama. Enchanting for the action movie Jason State, but for the Marvel series about the god of mischief, it’s just dull.

Sofia Di Martino as a whole is not an obvious choice for Lady Loki, for the Enchantress, for their symbiosis (who exactly she is trying to play, no one said), and it would be great if she knew how to portray at least something in the frame. And so there is simply nothing to justify such an obvious miscast. While it may not be a miscast, in the series, Loki refers to Sylvia as a faded copy of himself.

Sophia herself is very cute – in movie interviews, live broadcasts, meetings with fans. She is in good shape, especially for a nursing mother (the actress herself focuses on this), and sets an example of how a woman can combine career and family. But, unfortunately, there is nothing to praise her acting.

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Loki Series Romantic Part

Loki Series Romantic Part

If only the Loki series romantic part of the script had sagged, it would still be possible to come to terms with it. Love failed, with whom does it not happen? Runaway Loki variants generate ideas in the style of Love is … (“Love is hate”, “Love is a dagger”) – and thanks for that. But the scenario’s hit zone is much wider, it rises against the elementary laws of logic. For example, magic is a key element. There was a video on the Internet: fans deliberately considered that for all films from 2011 to 2018, Loki uses his abilities at most a minute of screen time.

They pinned high hopes on the series, and here again, and UVI, in which magic does not work. However, outside of Loki’s control, he succeeds in conjuring. True, it is infrequent and as illogical as possible, demonstrating either enormous strength, or complete impotence. In the first episodes, he carefully monitors the clothes, meticulously examines the jacket with the VARIANT inscription, talks about the style and, getting caught in the rain, dries his clothes using magic, and then completely ignores his appearance until the end of the movie season.

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In Shura, Loki stops a falling building (in the heat of the apocalypse it was forgivable not to notice, but among the buildings on a couple of buildings one can suddenly see the inscriptions NEVSKY and the NKVD – just observation), and in the supermarket he fights with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. He is able to conjure fireworks, paper, writing pen, dagger, but not a train ticket.

The scabbard for the sword, but not the sword itself. In the past, Loki went into battle with the ice giants, in the future he will fight with the dark elves, and in the present, without really straining, he is thrown out of the train by a pair of ordinary guards – not ice and not dark. This is all so inconsistent. The confusion in the testimony may be explained by the fact that the series has multiple screenwriters.

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Dangerous Version of Loki

Dangerous Version of Loki

A more dangerous version of Loki, Sylvia, is highlighted in advance. Something between Lady Loki and the Enchantress from the comics. Because of UVI, she had to grow up in the world of the apocalypse, now she wants to take revenge and will not stop at anyone who gets in her way, including the Loki variant, but due to circumstances, they are still forced to work together in order to survive. This sets the stage for the main line of relationships in the show.

In the case of Loki and Sylvia, a common enemy in the person of UVI leads them not to friendship, but to great love that can smash the universe to smithereens. Without exaggeration! In UVI they are repeating about this anomaly, the threatening bureaucratic schedule is creeping up, but in the scene on Lamentis-1 everything is smooth. How so? There is chemistry between Loki and Mobius, there is chemistry between Loki and the Tesseract, and here and now only the desire to hug and cry – literally, and after that nothing will change. Even at the end of their decisive battle, instead of a declaration of love, Loki says: “I just want everything to be fine with you.” This improvisation by Tom Hiddleston is not the best, but it does at least explain why Sylvia pushes Loki back to UVI.

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The problem is not in the love line per se, but in the fact that it is unbearably boring. The gods of deceit, who are a thousand years old, behave like teenagers, but they look like tired adults; so the phrases “I haven’t come across anything like this,” “I don’t even know what we are doing,”; or “I see a child in front of me, shivering from the cold; ”(as in the scene with Mobius at the elevator) do not work. You just don’t believe them. The intensity of passions – too. The scene of the final battle between Loki and Sylvia; according to Sophia Di Martino, is inspired by episodes from the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, but it would not even come to mind to compare, although there are plenty of references in the series to everything from “Titanic” to “Teletubbies”.

With this, even too much. For example, in “Thor: Ragnarok” in the episode with Strange (“I fell in the darkness for thirty minutes!”) Loki lands on his stomach and shakes himself off, and in the movie series from an almost identical angle, the exact same fall is filmed several times (about the fact that when Loki shakes his hair every time he gets up, as if seriously aiming for a place in the group The Pussycat Dolls, it is better to be silent at all). It’s good that Lena from “Black Widow” did not see this, otherwise she would not call Natasha a poser.

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Loki Movie Version

Loki Movie Version

Their Loki movie version of atonement is atonement by love. Insanely touching, if not for the methods in the style of “A Clockwork Orange”. The original character of the character (variant) is cut with a blunt saw. Why? This is not at all in the spirit of the times. The trend of believing in change through pain is long gone. But, as Moebius says, time flows differently in UVI. So much so that the unwanted Option is corrected by medieval methods. Those who managed to watch “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” know that Bucky’s psychologist was so-so, but at least she did not try to put him in a time loop.

Speaking of the psychological movie approach: in The Avengers, Loki says, “Your ambitions are insignificant and come from childhood grievances” (which is not too far from the truth), but Mobius goes further, declaring that Loki was created to lose. From the analyst’s point of view, he behaves flawlessly. Does everything to get information from Loki, creating an emotional swing for the variant. Admires, flatters, listens, takes an interest. Then he breaks down, gets annoyed, criticizes, blackmails. Then he throws in the kind phrase “you can be whoever you want” – as compensation. It looks like Stockholm Syndrome. Loki tells Mobius that you can only trust yourself, and after a few days of humiliation and beatings, he calls him his friend. Enviable simplicity.

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This is not your story, Mr. Lafeyson, and it never was

The relationship between Loki and Moebius is an important part of the series, but not the main one. There Loki himself is not the main one, in Marvel they know how to shift accents. Black Widow received a long-awaited solo album, which looks more like a transfer of affairs before dismissal (in light of Scarlett Johansson’s conflict with Disney, this is not so far from the truth). This film may be Florence Pugh’s two-hour debut as the next Black Widow, but it’s definitely not about Natasha Romanova. As with Loki: from the very first episode, they make it clear that he is not in charge here. They tell him directly – we are looking for a real criminal, not you, someone more serious, but you, a kitten, which we will sooner or later remove as unnecessary.

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Hero Academia Criticism

Hero Academia Criticism

Hero Academia criticism is needed. Oh, he had an unhappy childhood? He wanted to be a superhero, but turned out to be one of the only ones, completely devoid of superpowers? Wow, what a trouble! Let him go cry to Robin in the raincoat. And the Punisher is better – if he can come within embrace distance without getting a health bullet. “My Hero Academy” proposes to take seriously a character who dreamed of becoming a hero, but could not make it to the gym without help. As a result, Midoriya looks like not only a miserable snotty slobber, but also a disgusting type who believes that heroism should fall on him by itself, without any effort on the part of his royal person.

Once again: this comrade was invented by a man who, by his own admission, was inspired by the manga “Naruto”. Mangoi, where one of the most interesting and charismatic characters was Rock Lee – a ninja without superpowers in a world where ninja conjured more than they fought. The guy who put in a tremendous amount of effort to stay on par with much more talented peers, and in the end achieved truly incredible results thanks to perseverance and willpower. If the hero of “My Academy” movie analogue of Rock Lee, the series would not have been worth it. But we live, alas, not in such a rainbow world.

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And it is all the more surprising to admit that “My Hero Academy” is a good anime. Not great, I see. After all, Midoriya “Deku” Izuku in the title role is not a puncture that is easy to close your eyes to. But even he becomes less unpleasant with each new episode. In addition, the show itself seems to begin to realize that someone screwed up with the choice, and begins to look for new ways to linger on other characters longer.

Either he scatters schoolchildren in different locations, telling about several parallel stories at once, then he arranges a montage of examination duels, then he turns all attention to the Almighty – Midoriya’s idol and mentor. It is foolish, of course, that the secondary participants have to pull the work on themselves, but so what? It works – and okay.

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Power in Loki Series

Power in Loki Series

The idea of Power in Loki Series over New York’s nightlife had to be abandoned. Perhaps for the best. The concept of Temporary Change Management is more global because it affects the Multiverse, not the bohemian life of one metropolis. By its very existence, UVI closes the issue of predetermination, indicating that everyone is completely deprived of free will. The right to exist (according to Judge Ravonna Reinsleier) belongs to the ghostly Timekeepers, and she, hunters, analysts and minutemans helps them in this.

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So where are your Avengers now?

To humans, time seems real, but if quantum physics is to be believed, it doesn’t even exist. For UVI, this definitely works, each hunter has a timepad with; which he can move to any time and space (just like in the Tardis). Let’s pretend I have one, too; so we’re heading to the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. He explained that all the movie studio‘s products are aimed at drawing the viewer’s attention to the goodies, and the antagonists are needed only as decorations. Something went wrong with Loki. Neither an attempt to make it cardboard in “The Avengers”, nor cut scenes from “Age of Ultron” (in the test screening of the film, his short appearance on the screen, Loki managed to draw all the attention to himself.

The audience thought that he was in control of Ultron; and the creators of the picture decided to cut all scenes with Loki from the film) did not diminish the fan love. The only one who was on the side of this character; even before millions of fans around the world is the director of the first part of “Thor” by Kenneth Branagh. He raised Loki’s internal conflict almost to the Shakespearean level, giving the generally passing character volume, complexity and contradiction.

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Background of Chaos Child

Background of Chaos Child

For against the background of Chaos Child is a well-known lore and self-repetition, the authors demonstrate the senseless running of a handful of teenagers imitating an investigation. Why meaningless? Because all the key information is blurted out by characters like the know-it-all Kunosato or the bearers of local secrets themselves. And not even under torture, but simply because it is necessary for the plot to move. The denouement, which fully demonstrates the impotence of the creator and is the reverse of its predecessor, if not a parody of it, does not deserve a kind word either.

Another scattering of nails in the coffin lid are absolutely unmemorable movie characters. However, “Chaos in the head”, in contrast to “Stein’s Gate” and “Notes of the robotics club”, suffered from this. But at least there was a gorgeous Hikkan protagonist! Takuru, alas, compared to Takumi Nishijou is just a pale moth, unable to leave any trace in his memory. Equally weak is the harem that surrounds him, consisting of all the same types as in the rest of the “Scientific Series”.

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So flat that you involuntarily begin to feel nostalgic for Ryoki’s cow udder from The Occult Nine. Only the main antagonist is frankly amusing, but not because of the bright charisma or the power of an evil genius, but because from the point of view of any normal person he is just a certified idiot and it is absolutely impossible to take his motivation soberly seriously.

The most offensive thing is that it cannot be said that everything is unambiguously bad. It can be seen that the series was not on the knee; as in the case of “Chaos in the head.” Both the art; and the traditional music for the series are quite at the level; even the attacks of dizziness, as in the “Occult Nine”, what is happening on the screen does not cause. There is some kind of intrigue.

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Chaos Child Movie

Chaos Child Movie

Released back in 2008, Chaos Child movie marked the beginning of the so-called “Scientific Series”. He was crooked in terms of visuals, but he skillfully raised the degree of madness on the screen, realizing the wet fantasies of the regulars of the REN TV channel: hurray, the world conspiracy exists, sinister corporations are taking over power, and most importantly, psychics rule! Subsequent “Stein’s Gate” fucked untrained viewers with a hefty volume of conspiracy theory and many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics on the head with such force that some people still cannot come to their senses.

And then everything went somehow not very well: “Robotic Records” began with an intriguing movie plot and gorgeous characters, but in the worst traditions of “Lost” they cut off most of the plot threads in order to give the ending to fuck off. The “Occult Nine” also did not live up to expectations (formally, of course, it did not seem to be part of the “Scientific Series”): machine-gun bursts of dialogues, non-stop musical swearing and hypnotically jumping boobs could not hide the lack of common sense of the characters and the clinical idiocy of the plot …

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And now, almost ten years later, Masato Jinbo and the SILVER LINK studio decided; to go back to basics and transfer the game Chaos; Child, which takes place in the universe of Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate, to the TV screens (yes, in the anime, the link with “Gate” disappeared). And since only a couple of zadrots; from “Dvach” were familiar with the original visual novel on one-sixth of the land; the rest of those involve were worried about the question: why? After all, the plot of “Chaos in the Head” was completely finish and did not require any addition. The answer began to peck at the fifth episode, and it sounded something like this: but the fig knows him.

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The Last Duel Movie

The Last Duel Movie

The Last Duel movie is about authenticity. About the world, upon contact with which you can get dirty. Where they know how to eat into snot, shit and betray. The gray and withered land, recreated in nature in the valleys of Burgundy, does not dazzle with paints and, by its very appearance, drives into spleen. Stone obelisks of the count’s estates lazily peep out from behind the fortress walls, behind which life is in full swing.

Geese screech, pigs squeal, swords are sharpened, and lords with power in one hand and a cup of wine in the other dictate the budget for the winter to accountants. As if “It is difficult to be God” by Alexei German, he threw off the black-and-white filter and extracted all science fiction from the history of Don Rumata, leaving only manure pits and leaky troughs. Yes, and sooner or later they will be taken away as a rent by the confidants of the youngster who has gone with the crown. Or the churchmen will confiscate for reasons only known to them, but undoubtedly pious.

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Ridley Scott is not going to give anyone a barber. For him, the characters are toy soldiers that he pushes around in the Hollywood sandbox. The old fashioned way, in the fresh air or in a pavilion with minimal involvement of computer graphics: you can see the hand of a man who at one time cut off the Roman Colosseum somewhere in Malta (albeit half) so that the key scenes of Gladiator would look solid in the background. However, the “Last Duel” in terms of the construction of the era follows a path far from peplum or battle expanse of the “Kingdom of Heaven”. This is a medieval detective story, without a couple of centimeters a thriller: structurally – “Rashomon” by Kurosawa, from the point of view of the plot – Lermontov’s “Song of the merchant Kalashnikov.”

There are three “truths” for the three main movie characters. And one illegitimate intercourse, which leads to a completely legitimate duel – the last legally approved in France. They still argue about the true outcome of this case, which does not prevent Scott from promoting his version. In 1386, two knights, once bosom friends, quarreled over a woman.

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The Eternal Movie

The Eternal Movie

The Eternal movie is perceived as a dramatic parable about the gods who have lost their purpose, but are gradually gaining themselves. This is not a drinking Thor, who because of love just became a little less foolish. Everything here is somewhat thinner and deeper, and most importantly – bolder. Bolder, for example, than the latest Avengers dilogy, where a bunch of characters were killed, as it were, but not. “Eternals”, if they get rid of the characters, then for good is the law of good drama.

All the cons of the concept dance around the above. Serious drama for the brain, rare glimpses of action, seven thousand years of history of the main characters – and this is all for two and a half hours of timekeeping? The average viewer, to put it mildly, will be surprised and even, perhaps, angry. The format of the film is extremely harmful to the idea and its assimilation by the average viewer. The Path of the Eternals should have been told in the form of a series of episodes of five or six, and no one would be upset. But since this did not happen, it is not surprising that the reviews for the film are so cool – it’s not at all about the quality of the shooting, the script or the actors.

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Among the latter, I would like to separately mention Richard Madden; who, even though he was told to go through the whole film with a complex face; but even in sour cabbage soup; he managed to put an incredible amount of very lively emotions. The only negative is not a single reference to “Game of Thrones” during his only scene with Keith Harington. A very big omission on the part of the authors, especially when you consider that, for example, DC Comic movie products in the film have the audacity to regularly refer to.

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Red Notice Script

Red Notice Script

The Red Notice script tells adventurers with Hollywood smiles to steal Cleopatra’s Eggs, ancient trinkets presented to the Egyptian queen by Mark Antony, from under the noses of the secret services and wealthy criminals. Alas, only the viewer’s personal time can be stolen from them. The movie adventure turned out to be luscious and overwhelmingly stupid. Not in an amicable way stupid, like, for example, the latest “Fast and the Furious”, which finally learned not to be ashamed of their own foolishness. Instead of a well-knocked rock concert on the verge and beyond, “Red Notice” gives out an indistinct whisper, and even that is constantly interrupted by Ryan Reynolds’ gloomy vanliners. Pie buddy, you picked the wrong door: the set of the third Deadpool is two blocks down.

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How many words can you give birth to if after watching a movie there are only two things spinning in your head:

a) a scene where a cartoonish guard of a cartoonish GULAG likes the president’s photos on Instagram;

b) a toilet joke about the fact that the bald back of the Rock looks like a penis.

And between them a break of ten seconds at most.

Admittedly, in the “Red Notice” the camera of Marcus Förderer; who worked on the “Independence Day” 2016, gives out pirouettes, God forbid. More precisely, it would have betrayed; if not for the epileptic montage, as if escaped from “The Bourne Supremacy”. It spoils combat episodes, which, under other conditions, could look cheerful and proactive. Deceptions within deceptions and plans within plans; inherent in many films about a difficult thief’s lot, in this picture are under-twist, twist and torture.

The main characters cosplay either Arsene Lupine or Lara Croft, wander from country to country, sniff something somewhere and wave their fists healthily, but behind all this extravagance there is no competent kitsch a la ‘Baby on a Drive’ or the breathtaking spirit ‘ robbery of the century ”, as in“ Ocean’s Friends ”.

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Avengers Endgame Irrational Plans

Avengers Endgame Irrational Plans

Avengers Endgame irrational plans are not peculiar to nature. Thanos did his job, after which he confirmed his deed with a sweeping bloody signature on the sacrificial flesh. The changed reality closed thousands of paths forever, but … opened many new ones. Some have managed to find in this chaos the most valuable thing that a person can desire. Some have lost everything, alas.

On the movie subject of humor and healthy optimism in a truncated world: do you think the purple titan-corrected universe is half empty or half full? A? Everyone decides for himself, of course. Again, everyone experiences what happened in their own way. Some learn to cope with a bipolar woman and find inner harmony, others fill their sorrows with alcohol and grow a sexy beer belly, and still others cosplay fiercely with John Wick.

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A leisurely lead to active actions, which takes up a fair share of the monstrous three-hour timekeeping, sets the viewer in the right mood. Soothes, heals him. Similarly, the first two episodes of the eighth season of “Game of Thrones” – another high-profile finale this year. Balm for the soul as it is! Imaginary gatherings with old friends by a crackling hearth; diluted with great jokes, touching stories, strong drinks and anxious foreboding of the inevitable.

Before proceeding directly to the operation, Russo’s experienced surgeons cleanse; and flush the fan wounds left after the swift and cruel, like a stabbing in a bar, “War of Infinity”. It is noticeable that the authors themselves are not eager to say goodbye to the fairy tale; too much connects them with this world. A lot of effort and soul has been invested. And the inner children are crying bitter tears, complementing the already dramatic sounds of orchestral and jazz sequences with their sobs.

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Avengers Endgame Creators

Avengers Endgame Creators

The Avengers Endgame creators dismantled the foundation on which for a long time the strict plot and emotional completeness of each individual picture (even solo films as part of nominal trilogies) were based, but they did it in a timely manner. Marvel has always been good at combining “serial” with cinematic, it’s just time to bungle a royal dish for the most sophisticated connoisseurs, you know. It was then that the universe blossomed in full force!

Wait a minute. If Avengers: Infinity War was the culmination, what exactly is Avengers: Endgame, you ask. A sequel to the climax? Isn’t it time to quarter those who stretch the classic trilogy format to a tetralogy? A surprisingly important question. The authors answer it so gracefully that even Dr. Watson would burst into a standing ovation. “Final” is something fundamentally different. This is a gift. A love letter to the viewer who has gone all the way with the characters from beginning to end.

Thanos’ metaphorical glove encrusted with real Infinity Stones from the MCU films. More precisely, the key dates and events of the MCU. In the last episode, the viewer is finally allowed to indulge in this miracle of technology. How does this shaitan machine work? It’s very simple: put it on your hand, snap your fingers – and set off on a nostalgic journey through the waves of memory. An amazing effect that activates a lot of psychological anchors from the past.

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The wheels of the interdimensional train beat rhythmically, a glass of sweet tea rattles in the cup holder, and herds of unafraid deja vu rush outside the window. Each of us would like to return to childhood, but hitting the road a dozen years ago is also not bad. In an attempt to make everything right, the Russo brothers overdid it a bit and made everything perfect. The sequel to Infinity War was supposed to be a clear illustration of how movie makers violate the rules of the game they established to please the mossy standards of entertainment cinema (in other words, eliminate all unpleasant consequences “at the click”), but instead became the original and loud hymn of the golden era film comics.

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Minuscule 2 Movie

Minuscule 2 Movie

Avatar of the Caribbean in Minuscule 2 movie. “Oh Santa Maria of Guadalupe!” – the cartoon characters could exclaim more than once, especially since there is no reason to complain about the shortage of reasons. But they don’t exclaim. And the point here is not in dumbness (communication in the “bug” franchise is traditionally built on pantomime and individual sounds), but in resilience: the daring captain of a flying ship retains his composure even when he is swallowed by a shark. And after swallowing – too: unlike the biblical prophet Jonah with his whale, he does not expect favors from higher powers or nature, but takes them himself. Downright a role model – a fluffy centimeter of courage, ingenuity and aesthetics.

In general, there are many role models and reasons for thought. The cartoon tells a story about family, friendship, love – and the protection of nature. A sort of “Avatar” in miniature. Moreover, the environmental message is based on a specific real fact: Guadeloupe really suffers greatly from deforestation. Bitter irony: Christopher Columbus named the newly discovered land Santa Maria de Guadeloupe d’Estremadura after a Spanish monastery and its heavenly patroness, but people do not regard it as a temple, but as a workshop and a source of profit.

In addition to the unpretentious confrontation between indigenous insect; and business people, its beauty is call upon to draw attention to nature: the camera relishes the landscapes; sometimes reaching almost to the point of meditation. Bright colors and exoticism help the business: from snowy France, some heroes are transfer to the Caribbean.

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And a gang of villains behind the scenes go to Beijing – what a present! By the way, it is very noticeable that the sequel was made in cooperation with the Celestial Empire: in addition to the Chinese destination, a Chinese store and a seemingly Chinese submarine appeared in the movie plot. With supposedly Chinese ants on board – if nationality differentiation applies at all. They certainly do not have a language barrier: when a disaster strikes, insects around the world exchange signals; reminiscent of a dog’s flight from 101 Dalmatians. And not yielding to him in touchingness.

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Kantai Collection Movie

Kantai Collection Movie

The second shot in Kantai Collection movie is at the relationship of the characters. Put in the conditions of limited timing, the authors took a big step – they cut out the “comedic” moments, which quickly stopped working in the series, and constantly repeating themselves, began to infuriate. Fubuki no longer keeps repeating all the time about Akagi, whom the film even sent to the third place in order to give our heroine a new companion in the form of a cute Hotel … uh, sorry, Yamato. The Congo sisters no longer look like cheerful idiots playing along with their older sister. Ooi had her lingering PMS.

Kaga and Zuikaku now get along well with each other. Nagato and Mutsu are still the most wonderful pair of commanders. Yuudachi still inserts his favorite word even in the monster mode of the Solomon Islands … Everything is as it should be, except that the favorites of the audience from the Sixth Division were cheated on screen time, leaving a tiny role only for Akatsuki. But most of all the time for development gets, of course, Mutsuki.

In order to finally give one of the three central heroines of the series to show themselves, the film had only to pull a corpse out of the bag, in every sense of the word. And thank you for giving the poor girl at least a little bit of happiness after all the suffering she experienced because of those who like to mix historical facts into a work of fiction. Even if you put it in the post-credits scene.

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Well, the final salvo – in terms of technical performance. With a feature movie budget, you need to live up to it, even if you’re nowhere near the largest studio like Diomedea. First of all, the improvement affected the battles; by reducing the use of not too high-quality three-dimensional models to a minimum; the authors simultaneously decided to add a little variety; without giving up the spirit of the sea battles of the Second World War. The dim light of lanterns and lighting shells during a night battle; followed by a loud volley of guns, inspires real awe, including opponents; to hell with drills and laser catapults for seaplanes.

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The Harder They Fall Movie

The Harder They Fall Movie

If you see the name of producer Lawrence Bender in The Harder They Fall movie credits, wait for the appearance of the ghost of Tarantino to the people. And so it happened – the director clearly comprehended the postmodern spirit in Quentin’s films, far behind the works of the classics of the “white” westerns John Ford and Sam Peckinpah. Tarantino did not care about racial topics – he is a postmodernist to the core and never put any social messages into his films.

So James Samuel has nothing to do with the “humiliated and insulted” black activists of Black Lives Matter. He tramples the unoccupied clearing of the “black” theme in the previously “white” genre; is engaged in the deconstruction of the western like Jim Jarmusch and the same Tarantino. Heroes utter rant, visual formalism coexists with melodrama à la Hallmark. At the same time, the average fan of the genre; able to transfer heroes with a different skin color, will receive an action-packed narrative, where the heroes first shoot and then speak. The timing is stretched for more than two hours, which is a lot for a typical western; but we have an atypical western, namely a postmodern movie made up of references to other films, as well as irony over myths and people’s ideas, as it was at that time.

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The director is sure that his idea of ​​an entirely “black” Wild West is no worse; than the completely white heroes of a western. If there are more such films, then they themselves will create a myth about black cowboys, and the extraordinary mind of the historian Medinsky will be needed to explain how it was “in reality.”

But it is possible not to enter into disputes regarding the racial composition of the cowboys of the Wild West; but to conclude that we have an almost standard entertainment film of our days. This is a dynamic, ironic Western; where there is not a grain of realism, but on the contrary, the director; with the help of freeze frames and pauses slightly longer than necessary; emphasizes that this is just a movie in which it is useless to look for any subtext.

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Aladdin Disney Movie

Aladdin Disney Movie

And whose turban is it swaying on the horizon in Aladdin Disney movie? Hehe, this is a certain monsieur with a staff in the form of a cobra trying to get rid of the inevitable punishment under the guise of acute social reasoning. Stop, shaitan! You won’t leave, don’t even try. You see, what’s the matter: talking about the unreasonable seething about the miscast, we slightly shrugged our hearts. The film has one sin on this part – but what a sin! Metrosexual Jafar, whose casually shaved cabbage soup every now and then wants to stir up a board with nails, spoils all the raspberries.

Honestly, it’s not clear how, with Ben Kingsley alive, it took it into someone’s head to take on this role not Ben Kingsley, but oh well. The idea is reasonable: the ambitions of the canonical Jafar are more often characteristic of young people than older people. On the other hand, it is impossible to look at this misunderstanding without grinding teeth, and from beginning to end.

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And since we went on jambs: as mentioned above, the film has the courage to fix the movie plot bloopers of the original (like the notorious effect of “Clark Kent’s glasses” in the case of Prince Ali), but he himself steps on the same rake a couple of times. In the scene of the illegitimate change of power, such a fakap is due to the need to reveal the leadership character of Princess Jasmine, which is commendable in itself, but done in a rather strange way.

The head of the palace guard, Hakim, is changing his shoes at such a speed that one might suspect the interference of magical forces. Okay, let’s suppose that along with the sultan’s outfit, the patient inherits by default the ultimate baggage of the royal regalia, which cannot be challenged by piercing the meat with a scimitar. It turns out that the matter is in strong witchcraft, and if so, then a heartbreaking call: “Get there!” clearly not enough.

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SAO Ordinal Scale Movie

SAO Ordinal Scale Movie

A-1 Pictures in SAO Ordinal Scale movie has clearly invested heavily in the visuals of the film. The transitions between the real world and augmented reality are amazing. The choreography of the battles puts both past seasons on its shoulder. And the work with the sound was simply phenomenal – both in terms of the soundtrack performed here by a virtual pop star right during raids in augmented reality, and in terms of sound effects in battles. But the distortion during explosions and very strong impacts, which showed itself especially in the last work of A-1 Picture – “Fate: Apocrypha”, began to show itself in the full-length film and, it seems, has every chance to become the hallmark of the studio. For better or for worse.

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The problem is that even though everything is fine with the visual side of the film, in terms of the movie plot, this is exactly what the classic Sword Art Online is. Clichés come out of all the cracks. Kirito, although forced to show at least some physical activity, and not habitually lying on the couch; rather quickly regains his status as Marty-Stu. The villains (which, let’s face it, are not needed; just look at the best arc of the series “Mother’s Rosary”) are unsightly and, in fact, are a miserable combined parody of Kayaba; and the antagonist from the Gun Gale Online arc, with the only advantage that they have at least some motivation. Other than the minor characters traditionally take new heights of inhibition; and cannot think of removing an augmented reality device when it does more harm than good.

But strange as it may seem, this cliche and predictability hides a certain special charm of anime, transferring it from the category of mediocrity to a cultural phenomenon and “shameful pleasure.” If you want beautiful action, but don’t want to load your brain with a meaningful plot, then “Ordinal Scale” is almost ideal. But then again, that doesn’t make it a good movie.

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Efficiency in Aladdin Movie

Efficiency in Aladdin Movie

Not a drop of graphomania, exceptional efficiency in Aladdin movie! An inspirational example of how a line correctly screwed into a dialogue eliminates innuendo and enriches what is happening with the oxygen of common sense. This is important because from a technical point of view, the new Aladdin is almost flawless. Like a rough diamond A masterly combination of style, a sense of proportion, modern technology and the purity of the original.

Guy Ritchie is still a jeweler (Jackie Ainsley won’t lie). There was no better candidate; for the post of director of the incendiary and adventurous oriental fairy tale – but who cares? Recently, the British director has been fashionable to hate, which is sad. Such is the fate of real idols: once you stumble once more,;the rays of people’s love will incinerate to the bone. It is important to understand that the factors that ruin even commercial, but talented projects, often boil down to ridiculous things like personal hostility; high expectations and far-fetched grievances. And the audience then wonders why these filmmakers are trying to reinvent the wheel, over-complicating the simplest concepts and doing some kind of game.

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“Aladdin” was expect with open skepticism, which could not but affect the ratings and ratings. Yes, the unfinished grafony in movie trailers sometimes caused just bewilderment, but the rest of the claims were sucked, to put it mildly, from the finger. Excessive realism? Sorry, friends, we still have live action here, which implies that the monkey must be a monkey; and not the dwarf Jim Carrey. Miscast of the main characters? An ingenious claim, considering that the animated Jasmine with her Lois Griffin schnobel would have looked in reality just scary, and there is no second Robin Williams and cannot be. The truth is that most of the characters in the film are successfully rethought and perfectly embody. Unfortunately, not all, but more on that later.

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Question in Biohazard Vendetta

Question in Biohazard Vendetta

The question in Biohazard Vendetta is: why does Arias need controlled zombies, if in the end, according to his own words, it all comes down to the fact that only the dead will remain in the world? “Sorry, I’m not crazy!” – he declares. Yes, yes, Mr. Arias, as we thought. No head problems. At all.

However, here’s what’s interesting: despite the idiotic movie plot, wooden characters and dialogues full of selective graphomania, “Vendetta” creaks, shakes, blows smoke and sparks, but still works, and even due to the same scenario. The casket opens simply: Takanori Tsujimoto does not need to spend time chewing on the characters of the characters and the features of the “Resident Evil” universe. All this work was done long before him, you can immediately start the disco! Is Rebecca drinking coffee with a gloomy lab nerd? In a minute, the nerd and his colleagues will turn into dead moves, which will be mowed down by the arriving cavalry led by Chris Redfield! Drunk Leon Kennedy snot?

Now some man from his past will come running to tell about the sinister plans of the adversaries, and Arias’ special forces will follow him! Again, the jolly – roar, fire, chips and blood in all directions. Zadolbal Arias carrying a pretentious blizzard? So let’s unleash viral gas trucks into the city and have fun blowing them up! And that’s how the whole movie is. And no attempts to build a drama from scratch. In addition, like both prequels, “Vendetta” still remains within the framework of the game universe and does not breed ad-libbing, as Anderson mentioned earlier.

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And of course, heavy caliber – notably prettier since the “Curse” graphics (although it would seem, is much better?) And action. Sober up Leon Kennedy is a beast. He mastered superpowers even during a visit to HRV, because even; then he could not care less about flying into walls and mutant kicks. Matrix kung fu with slow-mo and gan-kata, as well as dexterous tricks with motorcycles, have now been added to the adamantium spine.

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Biohazard Vendetta Movie

Biohazard Vendetta Movie

And if the very competently complementing the game story Biohazard Vendetta movie made the fans happily jump in front of the screen at the fifth point, then after the release of “The Curse” it became obvious that the ship was lurching. However, the movie was flavored with so savory (especially against the background of the gray “Degeneration”) grafon that any attempt to appeal to common sense drowned in the riot of CG. Well, the right word, can you really make any serious claims to a film based on a game where zombies and parasitic worms are more dangerous than vacuum bombs and the Spanish flu epidemic? Here, my friend, either you are from the very beginning among the sectarians, or together with Stanislavsky you shout: “I don’t believe!”, And in general, all this danse macabre is not for you.

That is why it is a little inappropriate to reproach the recently released “Resident Evil: Vendetta” with stupidity. You would think that in Resident Evil, at least once there was a sane plot. To be convinced of the opposite, it is enough to read “The Umbrella Corporation Conspiracy”; which is a novelization of the first game. What looks okay when applied to a solid gameplay, apart from it, turns into a hell of a graphomaniac.

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What, in fact, does Vendetta want to tell us? As the title unambiguously hints – a story of revenge set in five minutes of a zombie apocalypse. The first character is Chris Redfield; whose squad is spectacularly allow to mince at the very beginning of the film; when entering a mansion that resembles a house in the Arklay Mountains. Coincidence? I do not think. Alas, at the same time it is necessary to come to terms with the fact; that in the universe of “Resident Evil” commandos are recruit exclusively from boarding schools for the mentally retarded. The second movie hero is a much matured Rebecca Chambers, in the episode of whose appearance there is again a completely clear reference to the classic scene of Jill Valentine’s meeting with the first zombie, all in the same mansion.

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Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia

On the other side of tears in Boku no Hero Academia. Midoriya has mend! The review could have ended with these two words, but the trick with a one-sentence review on the site has long been used. Well, let’s not look for easy ways and talk about the second season of My Hero Academy in earnest. Fortunately, he deserves it.

But the conversation should still start with this important thought: the main movie character, who drowned the last season with his fountains of tears, came to his senses already in the first episodes of the twice expanded sequel. For a while he still cried and belittled his own dignity, but even these sobs were later turned into a wonderful joke. Then he became, albeit a nervous, but talented and purposeful student-hero, who quickly absorbed the instructions of others, analyzed the behavior of enemies and made mostly reasonable decisions. Just be so.

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Here is his classmate and part-time “worst childhood friend” Kacchan did not improve one iota. Towards the end of the season, there was a whole episode where Midoriya; and Kacchan were forced to work together, and in the end they even teamed up and won; which should have shown us the growth of the ever-annoyed bomber and his first timid steps towards accepting such a thing as teamwork. But the result was a frankly unpleasant episode; the best moments of which were all those scenes when Kacchan was deservedly imprinted on another building or sidewalk. In an attempt to create an ultimatum rival; the author created an ultimatum asshole that you want to shoot every time he opens his mouth, and the series is very lucky that for most of the season the citizen either stayed in the background or was used in comedy scenes.

Frankly speaking, there was no sense in it. During the second season, Midoriya did not have the slightest shortage of rivals. Even if we forget that almost all the students of the Academy competed with him; to one degree or another, there were still two outstanding individuals.

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Secret Life of Pets 2

Secret Life of Pets 2

Faster, Bigger, Richer in The Secret Life of Pets 2. Champagne corks to the ceiling! Banana cake on the table! Dry food under the table! Illumination Entertainment celebrates its anniversary with the release of its tenth film. But if she wanted to go to a new level on this occasion, then she did not succeed.

So, in a dozen years – a dozen full-length films (plus a quarter of a hundred short films to a heap). The simplest arithmetic, hand in hand with the simplest logic, reports: on average, one full-length film takes a studio a little over a year. And then the pace will increase even more: Illumination has announced six films for the next four years. In such conveyor conditions, you cannot invent a bicycle – then you would have time to screw the screws into the already worked out circuits.

The studio has time, this cannot be taken away from it: the picture is still at a good level, and the cast is staffed with stars – which are only twice Oscar-winning Alexander Desplat on the soundtrack or Harrison Ford in one of the roles. Moreover, Ford has this debut in animation voice acting. Illumination even managed to make his character quite “Ford”: the Welsh Shepherd Cowboy rules the whole farm and becomes a stern but wise mentor for the already familiar Jack Russell Terrier Max.

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Order with the characters and some other heroes: languid and cynical cat Chloe, selfless and romantic Pomeranian Spitz Gidget, shibanut and superhero rabbit Snowball. Even a couple of characters – nothing like that. But the rest play the role of walking decorations and stamps.

For clarity, you can consider the line with the rescue of the unfortunate tiger; from the clutches of cruel circus performers. Usually in such stories, animals understand everything, only they cannot say; voila, in “The Secret Life of Pets 2”, various circus animals, for some reason, are also speechless. And they are easily categorized into types: here is the victim, here is the key villainous henchman; here are the ordinary villainous security officers. The main movie antagonist himself does not do “mua-ha-ha”: all in black, crocheted nose, stun gun upright. At least somehow this storyline is brightened up only by morally bleached Snowball, yes – all of a sudden! – granny cat lady.

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Traitor of Mars

Traitor of Mars

For the eternal glory of the infantry in Traitor of Mars! Robert Heinlein is fantastically unlucky in the film adaptation. There is some strange irony in the fact that according to the books of the writer, because of whom at one time Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke agreed to call each other “the best science fiction writer of all time No. 2”, not a single film has been filmed, even something equivalent to the original source.

Probably the most striking example is one of the main books of the Grandmaster “Starship Troopers” some twenty years ago, the Dutch intellectual Paul Verhoeven, who, by his own admission, did not even half master it. Of course, as an anti-war satire; the film came out more than bearable (only not everyone guessed about it and not at once), but as a film adaptation of the novel, it does not stand up to criticism. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that even earlier Tetsuro Amino tried to shoot “Starship Troopers”; but he got only an unpretentious little sony, which is now interesting only for collectors of rarities.

Worse than Verhoeven, only his mediocre followers were able to disfigure the original; “Hero of the Federation” and “Marauder” went straight to the video; where they disappeared along with the acting career of Casper van Dien. Then there were the animate “Chronicles of the Starship Troopers”, in which they remembered that interplanetary wars are not wage with a bare ass and sticks, having returned armored suits, but left Verkhoven’s beetles … Well, in terms of visual, these creatures were definitely a success. Otherwise, The Chronicles were a toothless and bleak teenage TV series with jagged CGIs.

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And finally, in 2012, Starship Troopers: Invasion by Shinji Aramaki appeared as a light in the window, who took everything Verhoeven managed (ships, beetles, Federation symbols and fake tits) and left inappropriate satire, cannon fodder tactics and the appearance of the main trinity of characters. But most importantly, a high-quality picture, normal armament of mobile infantry; and even more excellent silicone boobs were bring to Invasion; (is it okay that we talked about this twice in a row?).

The result had even less in common with the original movie source than that of Verhoeven and Amino, there were not enough stars from the sky in terms of the plot, but at least it was staged as a normal military action movie in a tough SF-entourage, and not as a liberal’s hysteria. As you can imagine, a fight between a crowd of banderlog and a fight between men packed in high-tech spacesuits; in terms of entertainment, are fundamentally different things. For the record: Banderlog is at Verhoeven, and tough guys in spacesuits are at Aramaki.

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