The Halls of the Gods in Valhalla Movie

The Halls of the Gods in Valhalla Movie

The Halls of the Gods in Valhalla Movie themselves are a kind of inscription of rumpled and thumping curtains. Thor’s house is a miserable room where the characters sleep almost end to end, and this is instead of cartoon 540 rooms. Utgarde is inhabited by cosplayers of orcs, whom it would be better if they continued to call them Jotuns, rather than being turned into giants by localization magic: these “giants” are only slightly taller than the human boy Tyavi. The main special effect, which takes place under the name Fenrir, is in harmony with everything else: it is desperately outdated.

In a word, these are by no means colorful; and good old-fashioned adventures of Espen from the Norwegian film series based on Norwegian fairy tales. The difference is the same as between atmospheric vintage and dusty junk.

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The only character who unconditionally evokes sympathy is the dumb chitun Quark. Who only does what helps the heroes – as a reward, receiving either contempt or a direct order to get away. Yes, Tyavi and Ruskwa are very nice children. The same Ruskwa is drawn to compare with Chihiro from Spirited Away; in contrast: Chihiro agreed to the hard work of a witch’s servant; for a chance to save her parents, and Ruskwa; on the contrary, ran away from her aging parents, leaving them without help, and asked the gods. The only consolation for the audience is the irony of how the exchange of one responsibility for another turned out to be for Ruskva.

Beautiful landscapes and classic fairy-tale movies like reviving the dead or a combination of magical prohibition and violation of it can also sweeten the pill a little. And it’s nice to refresh the myths.

However, much more noticeable are unpleasant heroes, a swaying plot, a total budget with the declared epic, boring production. An attempt to compete with the overseas Vanderbildikha failed.

Stringiness of Valhalla Movie

Stringiness of Valhalla Movie

Stringiness of Valhalla Movie. American film comics Marvel about Thor and company hurt some fans of Scandinavian mythology. The Scandinavian comic strip about Thor and the company risks making them even more painful.

Yes, although you can’t tell right away, Valhalla: Ragnarok is based on the comic strip – which started more than 40 years ago, in 1979. It would seem, who else, if not Scandinavians, is clever in handling their own cultural heritage? But alas, here they are lagging behind. At the same time trying to catch up with competitors and go their own way. Thor appeared in Marvel comics in 1962, in the first film adaptation (the animated series The Marvel Super Heroes) in 1966.

The first movie adaptation of the Danish comic book also turned out to be animated – the full-length cartoon “Valhalla” in 1986. It was expensive and ambitious, became iconic for Scandinavian teenagers – but failed to pay off at the box office. And now, after dozens of years, ambition (or the desire to grab a piece of the pie) raised its head again. “Valhalla: Ragnarok” is a remake of the same cartoon, only more gloomy, large-scale and trendy. In theory. In practice, it is Frankenstein’s clumsy monster, entangled in its own legs, stupidly waving with a third hand sewn on for some reason, and extremely meager in its “scale”.

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Comics and cartoon have told in their own way the myth “Thor’s Journey to Utgarde”. For the sake of epicness, the film added the myth of Ragnarok to the plot and the Great Prophecy of the Chosen One was taken from the ceiling – the move is so mossy that it can be used to determine which direction is north.

The film tried to gain relevance at the expense of strong women: if earlier the boy Tyavi stood out more out of two human children, now his sister Ruskva shines; and the rest of the heroines beat the male characters with one left.

The CGI in Army of the Dead Movie

The CGI in Army of the Dead Movie

The CGI in Army of the Dead Movie is sometimes sluggish, but, as you know, you can’t spoil the farcical genre vinaigrette with a couple of slipshod explosions. And the extreme bokeh in the background, as they say, is not a bug, but a feature: the film was filmed with a custom lens from Zero Optik. And it is necessary for the sake of an aesthetic picture or to hide errors – an open question.

However, “Army of the Dead” looks and sounds more than kosher. One classic screensaver made by Snyder is enough to dot the i’s. Viva Las Vegas in jazz sounds in your ears, Dave Batista and Co mutuze the living carrion in slow-mo, the streets of Sin City are covered with carpet bombing, and an intense drum beat rhymes with machine gun shots that turn the carcass of another decomposition into a sieve. Juicy, loud, stylish.

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For two hours and thirty minutes you stare at the screen, waiting for Snyder to pull out the fig hidden in his pocket; and the trouble never happens. No matter how you dance, but behind the scarlet tracers of large-caliber guns; and a dozen zombies in the frame it is difficult to discern the incomprehensible “chemistry” between the main characters and the lack of common sense. Zack was not used to guiding the movie audience neatly along crooked storylines, avoiding every protruding bump.

Zack tears the script into small pieces, pushes this waste paper into his mouth, chews; and spits the viewer in the face; so much so that he risks collapsing on his back and banging his head on the curb. Who wants to grumble about the sagging pace and the dummy characters when the 2m WWE fighter aptly smacks at the cannibal stickman in the middle of the arcade? Also with crispy bills floating in the air. Also in deceleration.

Army of the Dead Movie Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

Army of the Dead Movie Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

Army of the Dead Movie Bright light city gonna set my soul. In one old review of Snider’s “Dawn of the Dead” written in English and white, they say, the director does not sculpt a movie, but counts how many rotten skulls need to be smashed in order to grab the NC-17 age rating. One, they say, posturing and obscurantism, these debutants are promoting to the masses, forgetting about smart stories. Since then, little has changed, and this is encouraging. Buddy Zak enjoys his craft and knows how to tempo-rhythm-editing (four hours of the updated Justice League fly by like one and a half), and the integrity of history for him is the tenth thing. Still, this world is sorely lacking in a good, stupid movie with a cool production, which forces you to think with your spinal cord, not your head.

How not to approach the “Army of the Dead”, thoughts that the idea of ​​the film was born in the course of a comradely argument over drunkenness still creep into the subcortex. Just read it: to thrust “Ocean’s Eleven” into the world of the zombie apocalypse movie. And so that the primordial Michaelbay pitching swims in the sea of ​​blood, and so that all this horde will shoot the walking dead in the heart of Las Vegas, and push the zombie tiger there, where can we go without it. Are you faint, Mr. Snyder?

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The Director

“No way,” the director replies. Fortunately, Netflix, unlike Warner Bros. this kind of concepts does not leave on the back burner. It is not without reason that such people-steamers as Scorsese, Cuaron; and Fincher turned to the big red N for material assistance. Unless they give less money, but the freedom of creativity is not particularly limited.

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The Women in The Gentlemen Movie

The Women in The Gentlemen Movie

The Women in The Gentlemen Movie. Yes, yes, in addition to the gentlemen, there is a lady in the plot. Not even one. Rosalind Pearson is not the queen of a gas station, but of a whole elite car service. And her husband to boot. She is “London Cleopatra”; however, in the original a little differently – cockney Cleopatra, that is, Cleopatra-cockney. This touch to the portrait was lost during the translation, but it is important: it seems that Rosalind, like her faithful, has gone from pawns to kings. But Laura Pressfield is a lady by birth (she is of royal blood), but not by way of life.

With the real aristocracy, there is no less real gopota. The most charismatic representative of which is Coach, a sensible, clear-cut kid who has seen some shit and settled down. The role sat on Colin Farrell like a glove.

Other actors were also lucky: they got expressive images. What is a consigliere-of-all-trades-master with principles and neuroticism Raymond performed by Charlie Hunnam or a sneaky private detective with a dream to become a screenwriter Fletcher, embodied by Hugh Grant.

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The Tricks

Fletcher, by the way, the movie drama owes a fair share of cinematic tricks: here is the argument about the 2.35: 1 format (during which the frame naturally changes), and references to Francis Ford Coppola, and the distortion of reality in the direction of “how it would be more spectacular”, and a charming scene in the Miramax office, where Richie not only said hello to the studio-producer of Gentlemen and his next film Cash Truck (a remake of the French “Cashier” in 2004), but also joked about his previously filmed “Agents A.N.K.L. . ” and about the sequels. Another example of humor “for insiders”: the Chinese drug Lord George is probably named so because his actor Tom Wu previously played Lord John in “Revolver” for Richie and George in “King Arthur’s Sword”.

Yes, another sign of Richie’s film is the familiar faces. And if not all, then many. Let’s say Eddie Marsan previously played Inspector Lestrade in Sherlock Holmes; that role was not the most honorable, but here his character – Big Dave – is generally caricatured, the plot constantly makes fun of him and puts a pig on him. Elements of caricature are also strong in the Chinese criminals – for the same Lord George, they organize an unsightly tight stream.

The Gentlemen Movie Cliches

The Gentlemen Movie Cliches

The Gentlemen Movie Cliches. There are a lot of jokes in “Gentlemen”. But not all of them are of high flight – some of them bite into the audience lower backs with such darts. Hence the numerous accusations of the film of homophobia, chauvinism, obsolescence and other sins. Well, really, “not just now,” which was widespread earlier, now has become rare and not accepted. There are enough clichés in the plot: evil Russians, evil Chinese, evil American, evil British … All are evil. But colorful. And it’s strange to expect something different from a film where drug business tycoons sort out the relationship, and small criminal bipods act as a dancer.

Despite the occupation of most of the heroes, “The Gentlemen” has a powerful anti-drug message. And in general, this is a film about love – if not in the first place, but also not in the last place. The king’s only weakness is his queen.

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The Throne Man

Who’s on the throne? Of course, Mickey Pearson – who, unlike Mickey Mouse, is not a mouse, but the lion king. However, the dominance of the two Mickey and their empires is similar.

Mickey’s curious intersections with other dominators: sometimes and this leads to bloodshed, sometimes – to dance (in a figurative sense). The “dance of alpha males”, as Fletcher christened it, again strongly resembles real non-criminal life: conversations about seemingly trifles can be full of meaning, the conversations probe and push each other, and only when the passwords-reviews coincide and the boundaries will be determined, you can move on to serious business.

The alignment is also important for the Gentlemen movie: will it coincide with the viewer; will it be on the same wavelength. So far, Richie’s box-office curse seems to have deepened again; and the tastes of the director-writer are very specific to the modern public: with a budget of $ 22 million (crumbs for an action movie! Even the recent non-blockbuster detective Knives Out, Ryan Johnson had 40 million) in a week and a half around the world managed to collect 48 million.

Dolittle Movie Commentary

Dolittle Movie Commentary

Dolittle Movie Commentary. The skills of screenwriter Stephen Gaygan are best illustrated by the example of the worst scene in the film – healing the dragon. The source of inspiration, it seems, was the scene of clearing the owner of the rivers from “Spirited Away” (Geigan himself said that he loves this and other films by Hayao Miyazaki, showing them to his children). But it turned out more like an analogue of the scene with the rhinoceros from “Ace Ventura”.

Fortunately, there is only one such wretched joke. There are a few more jokes on the verge of a foul – like a whale showing a fact, but they are in the minority. But in addition to them, there are good verbal jokes, and funny references like Don Muravyini, and memetic characters like the vengeful squirrel Kevin or the clever criminal fox Tutu.

By the way, Tutu is French – and she is voiced by French star Marion Cotillard. Doolittle’s cast is generally powerful – not only in the voice acting, but also in the frame: five Oscar winners and four Oscar nominees – no joke! True, dubbing removes a fair amount of this trump card. And in general, using such resources for such a film is like cracking nuts with the royal seal. There is where to roam except that Robert Downey Jr. in the title role and Michael Sheen in the role of his enemy – Dr. Blair Mudfi. A funny bonus for fans of the Good Omens series: there Shin had an angelic role; and here it was almost demonic, with a completely black outfit; directly pronounced obsession and the title of a “monster” (more precisely, a “nosed monster”, but these are details).

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The Noses

Speaking of noses, the best description of the film is given by its protagonist: “This is the smell of complete failure, I smell it like a pig – a truffle.” Interestingly, none of the superstars involved sensed that the project was smelly. Perhaps because the voice lines were recorded heavily in advance. But Nicolas Cage shrewdly refused the party of the king of the clowns … that is, the pirates. Did the chuyka work, for once?

Alas, seasoned actors play exaggeratedly here, and young actors awkwardly. There are associations with The Nutcracker; and the Four Kingdoms (especially since the local Lady Rose seems to be straight from there); but before that bottom of the Dolittle still fall and fall. And by itself, he is not as nightmarish as the devastating criticism might have suggested. Not horror, horror – and not even just horror.

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Onward Movie Review

Onward Movie Review

Onward Movie Review. Scanlon previously worked on the feature film Monsters University and the short film Mater and the Phantom Light; however, his animation experience is exhausted by them. The other two writers don’t even have that – and the “usual” experience is sparse. Perhaps the simplicity of the film is connected with this: the beginners did not take risks and breed amateur performances, but used the classic looping, and not only the plot.

But it is not yet known which is worse: a deficit of uncommonness or uncommonness in a bad sense. “Forward” is the first Pixar cartoon without any participation of John Lasseter exposed in the cold and the first cartoon of the PG rating, which did not receive an aperitif in the form of an animated short (there is also no bonus in the closing credits, if anything). Pixar has not forgotten about its short films – on the contrary, now it produces them even more than before, only distributes them differently. Tellingly, her recent “Kitbull” traditionally got into the Oscar nominees – but the victory this time went to another studio.

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The Oscars

By the way, about the Oscars. Here is the full-length Toy Story 4 that got its hands on the golden dummy. The bet on sequels pays off; in fact, from 2016 until the release of “Onward“, all Pixar cartoons, except for “The Secret of Coco”, were sequels. It is ironic that the studio, whose heroes are taught to break out of the routine, is itself drawn into a vicious circle. It turned out to be a beautiful and skillful, but still a monotonous round dance. The music in which it is known who plays – yes, Pixar has become odd. And like many Onward heroes, she stopped using her wonderful wings. Why are they? After all, it is much more convenient to get there by car or motorcycle.

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The Fellowship of the Ring in Onward Movie

The Fellowship of the Ring in Onward Movie

The Fellowship of the Ring in Onward Movie. When an 11-year-old human boy suddenly turns out to be a wizard, his amazement is easy to understand. When a 16-year-old teenage elf is struck by an encounter with magic, it can raise questions. In fact, the answer is simple: in the world of “Go” elves, pixies, manticores and other fantasy creatures have forgotten about magic. More precisely, they scored on it – after all, technical progress is much more convenient.

The juxtaposition of magic and technology is a classic fantasy theme. As well as the opposition of gray routine and unpredictable adventure. And quest initiation. With friendly rebuff to the monster. And … In a word, “Forward” is full of classics – and skillfully handles it, it is fascinating, funny, touching. Pixar has not lost its skills. Alas, she lost her originality.

“Forward” evokes associations with “Harry Potter”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Spider-Man” (especially since the local protagonist – Ian Lightfoot – voiced by Tom Holland), “Heroes of Envell”, “I Kill Giants”, “Gherkin Adventure “. And it also echoes other works of Pixar itself: as in “Up”, there is the pain of loss and its healing, an escape from the ordinary, a wonderful journey; as in “The Secret of Coco”, there is a motive “Do not forget!”, communication with the deceased, the desire for the profession of a dream; as in the coming “Soul”, again the afterlife and the goal to realize their true vocation. Even Ian’s design was not invented from scratch, but based on Alfredo from Ratatouille. Parallels at all levels.

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Fortunately, “Onward” is still not “back” or “down”. There are still striking finds like “one and a half diggers”, “four horsemen of the Apocalypse”, the last flight of the “iron pegasus” (encrypted to avoid spoilers; fifth or fifth, I am the tenth, technique). The benefits of ingenuity are clearly shown: when something is not needed, one must be able to get out with what is. Lightfoots are voluminous, alive – no wonder, because director-writer Dan Scanlon was inspired by the history of his own family.

It is also nice that in modern fairy tales, big, big brothers all the more often act not as a hindrance to the skinny inexperienced protagonist, but as a help to him: Barley Lightfoot at first appears to be almost a bully – but then it turns out that even his offenses characterize him from a positive side. What can we say about his concern for Ian – sometimes awkward, but invariably active and sincere. And for fans of board games, Barley can become a superhero in general.

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Fast and Furious 9 Movie Commentary

Fast and Furious 9 Movie Commentary

Fast and Furious 9 Movie Commentary. Warning: Do not try to repeat what you see on the screen at home. All tricks are performed by professional dreamers.

It’s no secret that Fast and Furious was conceived as a tracing paper “On the crest of a wave” – only with persistent amber of high-octane gasoline, burned rubber and molten asphalt. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and the series has successfully evolved from a realistic crime drama about boys going to success into a fantastic movie comic strip that spits on logic, the laws of physics and moderation in a dose of pathos. Exactly from a fifth of the degree of the transcendental madness that is happening on the screen is only growing, and therefore it is simply ridiculous to complain about the unrealism of what is happening. You have to accept the fact that the franchise is no longer about street racing on the outskirts of the city.

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The 9

The ninth part continues a long tradition. The main characters dream of a quiet family life away from the hustle and bustle; but their native country and the whole world to the heap, again find themselves on the verge of destruction. Therefore, the key to the start, a slipper to the floor – and forward, to save the planet. Jacob, played by John Cena, the brother of the exemplary family man Dominic Toretto, suddenly appears as another megavillain. Continuously broadcasting about the holy inviolability of the family; Dom once had such a quarrel with his younger brother; that the audience did not know about his existence for eight films. But don’t worry – the conflict will be detail in numerous flashbacks, whether you like it or not.

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Plot of The Woman in the Window Movie

Plot of The Woman in the Window Movie

Plot of The Woman in the Window Movie. Joe Wright clearly falls short of Hitchcock’s imitators on the level of Michelangelo Antonioni with Magnification and David Mitchell’s Under Silver Lake. Instead of a camera balancing act, there are a bunch of indistinct long shots, instead of a dynamic story, a broken tempo and weak twists. However, there is no need to yell foolishly about the inconsistency of the picture, especially since the film has been boiling in “production hell” since 2019.

Reshoots and a general regime of forced self-isolation played a role. A bummer on a bummer is driven by a bummer: the actors in the person of the already mentioned Adams, Gary Oldman; and Julianne Moore take out, but they don’t save, the atmosphere does not knit, the colors do not thicken; the intrigue does not take by surprise. A good thriller is easy to read, but difficult to read; which is a stretch to say about The Woman in the Window.

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Sensible design and attempts to catch the Hitchcockian vibe cannot withstand the weight of a clumsy story told with a bunch of crutches. Chaplin alone knows how many times the script was rewritten in more than two years of production. And how much material was cut inappropriately on the editing table, and it is scary to imagine.

You can do without the word “tortured” here. Without the word “offensive” – ​​in no way is it. “The Woman in the Window” is far from the most successful attempt to reproduce the Kuleshov meta-effect from Hitchcock’s iconic works and to present a well-cooked thriller ride. Well, the miracle did not happen, but there was a touch.

A place was found both for colorful characters and for acceptable visuals; but, alas, they forgot to invite the main guest, calculated from the graph paper of suspense, to the dinner party. The trick was not successful: the close-up was distorted; the subjective gaze was blurred, the reaction frame was rejected until called for.

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The Woman in the Window Movie Review

The Woman in the Window Movie Review

The Woman in the Window Movie Review. The more room for imagination, the better. There is such an amusing thing in cinema theory as the Kuleshov effect. A cunning cognitive trick on which any fictional film is based: the content of the next frame involuntarily distorts the meaning of the previous frame. Let us explain. The first shot shows a man’s face looking at the camera. Second shot – there is a plate of hot soup on the table. The third frame is the same physiognomy, which salivates from the aroma of a hearty dinner. But it is worth replacing the shots with an appetizing dish with, say, an image of a girl in a bikini, as in the mind of the viewer, a hungry stranger turns into a lustful pervert. Close-up, subjective glance, shot-reaction – here it is, the magic of cinema in a cut.

Surprisingly, a rare director makes an attempt to subject such a fundamental thing to a thorough revision. A rare director is about Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, the king of thrillers and the funny joker who suffered from ovophobia (fear, who would have thought, of chicken eggs). This obese Briton in the same two-piece suit needs no introduction.

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The Experiments

Especially with the experiments of Lev Kuleshov, Hitchcock dabbled in the filming of the chamber mystery “Window to the courtyard” about a voyeur-photographer forced to sit at home with a broken leg and out of boredom to spy on the townsfolk living nearby with binoculars in hand. Things are going on, the office is writing, the floorboards on the lower floors are trembling, and the main character of “Windows” accidentally witnesses the murder, which he will investigate with grief in half the rest of the timing approved by the director. Hitchcock competently builds the illusion of observation; as if the protagonist is staring at an ant farm, into which a giant centipede has crawled. Close-up, subjective view, reaction frame. Together with the hero, the viewer will have to conjecture and interpret what is happening.

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Plot of Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie

Plot of Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie

Plot of Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie. Sheridan’s handwriting in “Those Who Wish Me Death” is not easy to discern, because the film is obscenely straightforward and juggles expectations rather sluggishly. “Good” and “bad” do not intersect an inch: no “gray morality” and even modest signs of complexity. There is nothing to stutter about the shock content of the revenge level of the grieving prosecutor from “The Killer”. Any hints of the author’s statement were seized by the destructive element of fire. And how the hell is she good. Few dare to dispute the steepness of the action scenes featuring graceful fire as the star of the program. The flame breathes, devours, hates and leaves behind ashes, black as an ace of spades.

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The Comparation

Compared to other Sheridan’s films, Those Who Wish Me Death is a shallow digging, but remains a spectacular springtime entertainment that boasts postcard landscapes of the US Northwest and robust production. Moderately formidable, moderately evil and devilishly attractive outwardly, this film does not encroach on the laurels of a heavyweight movie about the banality of evil and good old ultraviolence. Fortunately, there is something to stick to. Yes and over than to be discourage too.

It turns out trivially: the distant smokejumper Hannah suffers from PTSD, vegetates on a fire tower at the devil’s horns and regularly puts her by the collar until a tear-stained schoolboy falls on her head, who is being hunted by a duo of seasoned assassins. It just so happened that the boy’s dad, a freelance accountant; inadvertently “dug” under someone who was not ask; than doomed the family to an audience with unscrupulous killers. And it started spinning … At least it should have.

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Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie Commentary

Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie Commentary

Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie Commentary. Actually, the narrative constants dispose to such a thing. We bend our fingers. The picturesque forests of Montana are in place. The strong-willed main character, tormented by the ghosts of the past, is present (haven’t seen each other for a long time, Miss Jolie). Authoritative “jackets”, covering up the traces of shadow activity with someone else’s hands, are right there. The beating of women (including women in labor), lead showers and extreme boy scouting against the backdrop of an unbridled forest fire – everything is like a manual. But only at first.

The intrigue declared in the tie dies out faster than a cigarette butt in a saucepan with compote. The corporate socialism of early Sheridan does not even smell here; as well as Western kitsch, and closer to the finale it turns into a painful catharsis. The director was never famous for extremely ornate stories loaded with exposition; but the script of “Those Who Wish Me Death” is too diligent to soften morals and refuses to biting.

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The Headline

As twice two four, it is clear that from the next feature movie by Sheridan, also with the telling headline “Those who wish me death,” the hardened viewer expects, first of all, a rough plot. More precisely, a real thriller; in which action-packed Cossack robbers get along with the inconvenient truth; about the conservation of life in the lands that stretch along the Oregon Trail.

Lastly Comrade Taylor is known as an unbiased screenwriter, writing masculine stories without a hint of sugar snot. There is no money and no buzz, no buckwheat belly cracks: brave drug fighters get stuck in corruption schemes; poor farmers huddle on the prairies and live from credit to credit, Redskins on reservations get drunk and blow crack. Sheridan portrays a world ruled by lawlessness and cruelty, a kind of “land of wolves”, stuck at the end of the era.

The Heroine Cliche of The Old Guard Movie

The Heroine Cliche of The Old Guard Movie

The Heroine Cliche of The Old Guard Movie. What else could one expect from the director Gina Prince-Bywood, who has been engaged in melodramas and comedies all her life? It looks as if she was assigned to this film only because she does not have Y chromosomes, because everyone knows that a man will never make a film about a strong, cool woman, Theron. Well, it is not given to all the inept like George Miller, F. Gary Gray or David Leitch to reveal the full potential of her heroines.

This, of course, is irony, and Theron, despite all the nitpicking, is the main actor’s decoration of the tape. Determination, fear, hatred, despair, humility, pain – she can masterfully reveal all emotions with just one perfectly readable look, and if The Immortal Guard were conceived exclusively as a drama in the style of The Age of Adaline, the film would not have a single question at all … Just put more Andromache’s suffering on the spectator’s plate and do not interfere with enjoying vivid emotions.

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Trying Differently

But no, Immortal Guard was presented as a completely different movie; and the film tries to be completely different from the very beginning. Well in the end, the viewer does not get what he wants – only a secondary and long-worn themes. And the team of filmmakers simply cannot offer him anything, because they do not know how; and works as best they can, giving out a third-rate dreary movie that is twenty years late. But with no reason kissing gays. Is this the way for all modern cinema now? Outdated scripts, so-so production from inappropriate directors and roles filled with inclusiveness rather than character charisma? Thank you, we’ll get through somehow

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Old Nagger in The Old Guard Movie

Old Nagger in The Old Guard Movie

Old Nagger in The Old Guard Movie. Modern cinema is not characterized by a lack of new ideas – believe me, sequels and remakes began to be stamped long before your birth, more than a hundred years ago. The main sore of most modern films is the lack of their own vision. The authors seem to be stuck in the 90s or early 00s and cannot turn on their fantasy, although they now have much more tools in modern cinema.

Bloodshot, Eurovision, Terminator: Dark Fate – they all try to emulate that golden era that people are nostalgic about. “Immortal Guard”; from the same breed of unprincipled legends that “it was better before, therefore we will shoot as then.” On the one hand, the authors of the tape really managed to shoot like then; on the other hand, it’s anything but a plus. Where did they get the idea that the scripts of those years can be adequately perceived; by at least some of the modern viewers and those who have already seen enough of them in their time?

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The Trailer Revelation

If you’ve seen the trailer, you can figure out the whole plot ahead and even draw some really correct movie conclusions. There is a group of immortal characters, led by the oldest and coolest warrior Andromache, played by Charlize Theron. Together they lived for hundreds and thousands of years, appearing exactly where they are needed and helping people. However, in the era of modern technology; people began to notice them more and more often and paid attention to their gift. The medical corporation; which shortly before the events of the tape saved the world from cancer; wanted to get all the remaining immortal warriors. Its purpose is clear – to study unique people in order to bestow immortality or at least maximum longevity to the rest of humanity.

Living Happily Ever After in Palm Springs Movie

Living Happily Ever After in Palm Springs Movie

Living happily ever after in Palm Springs Movie. They say that a wedding is a celebration. Although for many it is a real nightmare – the organizers, those who pay for it, young people and even some guests will confirm this to you. And if some say stereotyped and moralizing toasts, while others just drink and try to get into the panties of the bridesmaids, then the share of the third has personal mental suffering, turning the bright holiday of family education into a tragedy with indelible shame. However, even if the guest is from the last category, then everything can turn out differently. For example, there will be a strange chain of events that will forever stop the calendar for November 9 and allow some wedding participants to abandon past experiences and start a new life, even within the framework of one endlessly repeating day.

Palm Springs is another version of the slightly hackneyed theme of the cyclical nature of one date. Fortunately, the version is not bad at all, and even in the classic movie genre of Groundhog Day – a romantic comedy about the tragedy of his own life. However, it is still worth comparing the cinema not with the basic foundations, but with the recent TV series “Matryoshka”. Here, events also revolve around the holiday, and at least two main characters find themselves in a time loop – Niles and Sarah, who will have to try to get out of it. Or not try …

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Looped Day

Here’s the deal. Imagine that outside of a looped day you have complete uncertainty in your life, if not a terrible mess. For example, you have to live with your unloved soul mate or look guiltily in the eyes of your sister, whom you have caused severe pain. Isn’t it easier then to stay in an eternal cycle, living there a full life without responsibility and worries, and even with someone who is sincerely sympathetic to you? That is, if in other similar films the characters have an incentive to break the loop; then in Palm Springs the prospect of returning to ordinary everyday life does not entice the characters so much.

Actually, Niles and Sarah during almost the entire timing do not experience any discomfort from what happens to them; and the viewer can only get high with them. It is easier for the main characters to live, knowing that tomorrow will not come; and death is a temporary thing and will leave with the next dawn. Regularly entertaining the viewer.

Archive Movie Review

Archive Movie Review

Archive Movie Review. We are responsible for those we created. One of the most important and favorite themes in world science fiction is the victory over death. And even if we dream of a utopia without pain, but with happiness and immortality, it usually turns out the other way around – some completely unpleasant dystopia, where a good idea turns out to be inoperative and cruelly defiled. Otherwise, there would be no good intrigue in history, right? The idea of ​​the plot of the movie “My Creator” is also by no means new.

Here is a car accident, here is the death of a young girl, and now her husband is trying to cheat death and return his beloved with the help of advanced technologies. Keanu Reeves did this in Reproductions a couple of years ago, and the plots of both films are extremely similar in nature. However, so that “My Creator” was not such a plagiarism, they added a little bit of other fiction and diversified it with completely different ideas.

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The Concept

So, you know the concept, let’s move on to the details. In the not too distant future, a scientist-engineer will use a classified object for his own illegal purposes. First, instead of making robots for the company that hired him, he makes them for himself. Secondly, it violates another law, hacking the server of the Archive – a unique system that allows you to preserve the mind and memories of dead people for two hundred hours.

It is in such an Archive that his deceased wife lives, and the engineer has less and less time to manage to cram the consciousness of his beloved into one of the robotic samples he created. By the way, about them. The first, Jay-1, comes out so-so: no hands, no voice, just a box with legs, whose mind development stopped in childhood. Jay-2 is much better, she has human hands, voice and teenage mindset. It’s a pity, outwardly it still looks like a toaster.

Most Important Drawback in Project Power Movie

Most Important Drawback in Project Power Movie

The first and most important drawback in Project Power Movie. is that there is no feeling that the threat to the heroes is really taking place. Without her, the atmosphere is bursting at the seams; and it becomes difficult to root for the heroes in any way. The key villains are caricatured, hysterical and pathetic, they are not even allowed to try superpowers. Secondary villains (minions and hucksters) are more interesting, and each has its own ability, which can be killed with one hit. But they do not give a real look at it. Fights here are short, no more than a couple of minutes, and one of the very important minions for the movie plot is killed at all faster than you can blink.


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The Second Problem

This brings us to the second problem – the setting. In “Brightness” the setting was shown in every frame; because of which the viewer had no doubt that even though the world was similar to ours, it was definitely different. In Project Power, where any junkie can become a Patriot; or Deadpool, there is only the beginnings of a new universe. The presence of the Force has not changed the world in any way. The viewer sees only about six transformations for the entire film; and even if the guy who changes the color is done and shown great; the rest end too quickly or are shown in the semi-darkness at all. Whether they exist or not, you won’t even remember them.

As a result, it turns out that the action is somehow not enough, and some kind of secondary drama; and the story is simple, like a five-kopeck coin lost at the bottom of your pocket. Is this really all that screenwriter Mattson Tomlin is capable of, according to the script of which the new “Batman” is being filmed? Well, then “Batman” is in serious trouble ahead of time.

Tenet Movie Commentary

Tenet Movie Commentary

Tenet Movie Commentary. Before filming, Nolan the perfectionist had polished his idea for six years (and invented – in general – twenty) and again consulted with Kip Thorne, the scientific consultant of Interstellar; on the set he did it for real, without a green screen, he even gouged a real plane – to perfectly show how conflicts in the present can give rise to conflicts in the future or with the future.

And now Nolan is trying to demonstrate the fruits of his labors as effectively and widely as possible; that is, to invite viewers from all over the world to cinemas; moreover, I wanted to conceptually time the premiere of Dovod to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the release of Nachalo, releasing a novelty in the middle of summer. And in the middle of a pandemic. That is, for the sake of a lesson about the future of all mankind, risk the future of each individual viewer. Such is the paradox.

By the way, about the Beginning. It has long been a theory that with the experiences of the Beginning and Argument unfold in the same universe. Why not They are like two parallel straight lines that could intersect under extraordinary circumstances.

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However, how much can you compare Nolan with Nolan For the sake of variety, let’s compare it with Denis Villeneuve and Ted Chan; and specifically – with the movie Arrival, which also knew a lot about manipulating time. The two films have in common both the anti-war message; and the humility of the heroes, in Argument expressed by the refrain what happened happened. But Arrival was fluid and feminine, while Argument was harsh and masculine. This is not about sexism, but about the gender of the main characters; and about their methods, even if such a division is sinning with gender stereotypes. So, Dovod is full of strong women – both in the special forces, and in the underworld, and everywhere else. Another thing is that one heroine of Arrival is written out more subtly; and more authentically than the crowd of heroines of Argument.

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Tenet Movie Review

Tenet Movie Review

Tenet Movie Review. The most interesting thing about Andrei is his surname. It is taken from the ancient Roman palindrome-square “SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS”, in which two words “TENET” form an even cross. Has a whiff of Christianity, isn’t it It is no wonder that later this gibberish was used as a talisman. To further hint at his source of inspiration, Nolan sent the characters not only to the opera, but to Italy – after all, the earliest recordings of this palindrome were found there, on the ruins of Pompeii. However, the filming was carried out in many more places in India, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, the USA. The film takes a long journey, and the audience goes along with it.

The rest of the characters, like Andrei, are primarily functions, and then personalities. For example, Michael Caine again plays a wise advisor, and a scientist performed by Clemence Poesy hammers into the head of the Protagonist (and the audience at the same time) the key rule “Don’t try to understand. Feel. Could add right away “Still not clear Reconsider. But this is where the hassle arises you want to revise Inception and Interstellar, but Argument – not yet. It’s a concept movie that tries to be smart and dynamic at the same time, but it draws on science and even speed (two and a half hours of timing with regular action – no joke!).

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Replays here on many levels in Interstellar; Kane’s character liked to quote Dylan Thomas’s poem Don’t Go Meekly Into the Twilight of Eternal Darkness … ; the twilight theme is picked up by the parallel between the sunset and the sunset of life. And the character of Robert Pattinson is not picked up Pattinson shines here without any sparkles; and clearly shows that it is not in vain that he has been honing his skills in the arthouse for so many years. At the same time, he was generously showered with mystery. As a result, the partner character turns out to be almost brighter than the main character.

There are parallels between the characters – but these are not repetitions, but reflections. The most indicative are Andrei and Neil, so opposite that they are even similar. And they slightly resemble a certain K. Nolan – not without reason there is an opinion that the creator is somehow reflected in his creations. Skill, humanism, gigantomania, passion for physics, obsession with an idea – this can be said about them (not always about both), and about him.

Plot of Mulan Movie

Plot of Mulan Movie

Plot of Mulan Movie. The canon romantic line slightly shredded. To begin with, “cutting” the animation captain Li Sang into the commander Tang and fellow serviceman Chen Honghui. Commander Tang is a servant to the emperor, a father to the soldiers and in general a family man, in addition, a friend of Mulan’s father, so he immediately drops out of love interests (which is a pity: the commander played by Donnie Yen is more charismatic than his colleague played by Yoson An). With Chen Honghui, Mulan goes from dislike to sympathy, chaste and deliberately secondary. Indeed, first of all, Mulan is not a romantic heroine, but a warrior. And it has always been – even as a child: the film begins with the background of the protagonist. This and other innovations make the remake more adult, epic, historical than the cartoon of the same name.

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Cartoon Version

In the cartoon, after all, how? It began immediately with an attack by the nomads, and their leader Shan Yu gave a motivation a la “I am evil because I am evil.” Remeikovsky Borikhan is not exactly a beacon of originality, but at least he was given two sensible motivations: thirst for gold and blood feud. Plus Borikhan summons troops and strategically strikes at the sore spot – on the wallet: economic sanctions had not yet been invented, because the nomads simply cut out the cities that stand on the Great Silk Road.

Further, if the Cricket from the cartoon movie ever dreamed of becoming a real boy, then in the remake his wish came true: here Cricket is one of Mulan’s colleagues. Together with her and dozens of other recruits, he enjoys the delights of the barracks’ life; which, again, is much less comedic and more realistic than in the cartoon. There are no separate tents here, but, on the contrary, there is a general bath. This leads to a funny reverse: no longer clean; Mulan complains about the stench of unwashed dorks and is looking for an opportunity to freshen up, but vice versa.

Mulan Movie Commentary

Mulan Movie Commentary

Mulan Movie Commentary. What is the strength, sister? Confucius identified five key virtues: philanthropy, justice, wisdom, sincerity, fidelity to customs. The film engraves three virtues on the sword: loyalty, courage, honesty. The main character of the film goes against both Confucius and the sword – she lies. Yes, with the noble goal of saving an elderly lame father from being drafted, but we are clearly told from the screen: lying is bad. For a lie in those days and in those circumstances, exile or death was relied on. Mulan, characteristically, gets both. And that becomes her initiation.

And what then is the power? Strength, as Brother 2 kindly suggests, is in truth. However, “Mulan” even without prompts copes with the transmission of this simple truth: the heroine suffers from her “disguise” not only morally, but also physically – the Witch warns that lies poison her powerful qi.

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Yes, yes, somewhere it disappeared, but somewhere it arrived: the remake lost some fantastic elements (goodbye, the dragon Mushu and the insect Cricket!), But acquired others. In addition to Qi and Sorceress, there is a phoenix and Wuxia movie battle scenes. In places, “Mulan” even slightly resembles “The Great Wall” and other films by Zhang Yimou: here they are fighting with their sleeves and running along different walls. But unlike the “Great Wall”, the novelty uses more bright light colors, and CG is more pleasant in it.

However, Disney was more focused not on Imou chips, but on its own. Mulan is another “pole girl”: like Rei from recent “Star Wars”, she is able to pile on superior enemy forces and practically heal with the laying on of hands. And the Witch is her Kylo Ren: there are, you know, some overlaps in prehistory, dynamics and chemistry.

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Revolting Rhymes Movie Review

Revolting Rhymes Movie Review

Revolting Rhymes Movie Review. Fairy tale, why do you have such big teeth? Murder, dismemberment, perversion are just as important a component of fairy tales as a royal ball or magic clothes. At least, they were once. On the way to us from the dark depths of centuries; fairy tales gradually bleached and fluffed until they reached the condition where they can be read; or shown to even the most impressionable baby without the risk of hearing a shrill “Wow!” or get a rattle over the head.

But now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and now a whole sabbath of writers, laughing ominously, inverts fairy tales, that is, rethinks them, returning them to their former bloody and stinging essence. Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Andrzej Sapkowski – and, of course, Roald Dahl managed to trample with forged boots on the strawberry meadow. Previously, Dahl had successfully filmed “The Witches” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and now his small form – a collection of six short fairy tales, not without reason called “Bandit Poems”, has fallen into the tenacious paws of filmmakers.

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However, only five out of six are included in the cartoon movie – the story of Goldilocks and the three bears dropped out. Probably, it did not fit into the timing and the general storyline – which the filmmakers introduced. Dahl had each of the fairy tales on its own; and in the cartoon Cinderella and Jack turned out to be neighbors, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood were friends.

Plus an important connecting link is the Wolf, who is here on the role of a truth-teller. A seasoned forest predator is not some cute auntie for you; he will tell you how everything really happened, ripping off the covers! .. And it turns out that one of the heroines will more accurately be called Blood-Red Riding Hood, and the other – not only an oppressed stepdaughter, but also a thief.

The Nest Movie Commentary

The Nest Movie Commentary

The Nest Movie Commentary. Looking at the reverse success story without even a rough hint that in the future of the heroes at least sometime there will be a happy ending is more unpleasant than exciting. The director, by hook or by crook, lowers the characters to the bottom (sometimes completely artificially and for no reason), and then reports that his work here is over and you can go home. It’s like taking a ride from Moscow to Vladivostok, breaking your car on the way and bleeding on your heels, and then stopping at the entrance to the city and walking back.

It smells of “madness“, but still falls into the “idiocy” section. One could justify this story with some kind of metaphorical retribution for the protagonist personally, but it does not work. Lowe’s hero is not a perfect person, but his vanity and craving for excesses are not bad for those around him. The viewer would rather fully share his aspirations than begin to condemn him. Moral weather vane “Nest” rusted and broke from the light breath of the breeze, and before he had time to show the right direction at least once.

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Acting Performance

Only the acting duet of Lowe and Kuhn helps this story out. Their interaction, from the daily rite of awakening to quarrels, is a real high school of acting and complete transformation into their heroes. Dialogues are active and emotional to such an extent that they can even slightly frighten with their activity and emotionality: it is not even an hour for the actors to take each other seriously and will not limit themselves to screaming.

So if you look, then only for the sake of both of them. For the rest, an evil movie came out for your dreams, especially if you are not sitting on the couch, but go to their realization. It is better not to look around, but to look directly at your path and believe that luck will be on your side. Still, Durkin went overboard with punishments sent to his characters. In reality, it is rare that a move completely destroys the life of the white stripes.