Well Hello Daredevil Series

Well Hello Daredevil Series

Well hello Daredevil Series Matt Murdock. Hello, true Catholic and good Samaritan. Hi, like a feline, tenacious devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Hello your father’s son. Unhealed wounds ache, cracked bones groan, soul hurts, but this city needs you, and you need this city. Scarlet devil-blind, crafty two-faced Janus, whose masks are firmly sewn with a coarse thread, whose name is righteous revenge. Shining armor and snow-white battle percheron are optional and even unnecessary paraphernalia when your enemies are flesh from flesh of iron, glass and concrete. Therefore, you have black on you, and inside it is red-red from rage – sooner or later it will splash out, painting everything around in the righteous, honest color of blood. Well hello, Daredevil – a street warrior, the conscience of a lost place, the last consolation of the humiliated and insulted.

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The Praise

Praise to the creators of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Praise to those who have immersed us in such a fantastic world, which is easy to believe. No one even thought to fool the audience with announcements; behind which anything could be cover, but not what was manifest in them. The world of “Daredevil” turned out to be extremely close to reality, cruel, dangerous and as mundane as possible; not a grain of rainbow fabulousness. Twilight urbanism is the perfect abode for the heroes of the story tell.

In this new universe, from dirt, blood, darkness and human suffering, a unique movie style is being molded, but without breaking away from its origins. It is pack in the right musical tones, embody in a worthy acting game, shows through in every battle pirouette of the protagonist, in every turn of the head. The grace of the fighting scenes confirms the consistency of the given style, proves the vulnerability, the authenticity of Matt Murdock. The blind devil can be kill, oh yeah. But try it.

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Daredevil Series Narrative

Daredevil Series Narrative

The Daredevil Series narrative baggage is laid out in an ideal way, there is one not very interesting storyline, but everything concerning the main character, his past, present and possible future is played out for the most sincere applause and strategic throwing of bouquets. The creators generously highlight episodes for the protagonist’s inner circle, do not ignore the complex figure of the main villain; I think if Matt Murdoch had a guide dog in the original source, then she would have been allocated one episode. If only the fans were happy.

Daredevil Series Narrative

In addition, “Daredevil” is a proudly exposed middle finger to his DC buddies and fellow Christopher Nolan personally. You see, Daredevil is the Batman that Nolan groped in Batman Begins; and The Dark Knight to lose in the triquel. Even more – this is the Batman that comic book fans wanted; a motivated man in a suit, prescribing and raking bloody people on the streets of the city. And how much the local combat choreography surpasses Nolan’s martial arts efforts! The scene at the end of the second movie episode (by the way, filmed in one shot), when the exhausted Matt makes a group of mordovorov, puts on his shoulder blades everything that Batman did in Nolan’s trilogy.

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The Ninja

Daredevil, of course, is a bit super-, but rather, just a drop deadly trained ninja; and not at all a billionaire with a butler and a cave under the estate. A raid of comics is also present; and somewhere in the background the Tower of the Avengers rises; but those super-showers are sharpen for solving problems of a planetary scale; and not for fighting the Russian mafia, they have no place in Hell’s Kitchen. However, Daredevil is also not a “six”; and the series openly hints at the upcoming global batch, even if it seems that he is closer to the mysticism of the Marvel universe than to science fiction.

Actions and Their Consequences in Secrets and Lies Series

Actions and Their Consequences in Secrets and Lies Series

Actions and their consequences in Secrets and Lies Series – it is they that should constantly be in the focus of those who, unfortunately, under the influence of the moment, faintly decide to close their eyes to them. Indeed, sometimes good intentions are just a screen behind which anything can be hid.

In “Secrets and Lies” there is everything from the classic movie set of a detective: an obvious suspect, unexpected evidence, a corrosive investigator, a series of suspicions and a real culprit, whom no one accuses of anything bad for the time being. The scheme is standard, but being put in a specific space-time framework, it looks quite viable. The main plus: she is able to captivate the viewer, and this is enough to recognize the project as a success.

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In addition to the criminal component, we are offer to plunge into family squabbles; into the nervous atmosphere of interpersonal relations against the background of a crime, of which literally anyone can be guilty. You can love or dislike such a spicy seasoning to the strict line of the police investigation; but it gives the story volume and perfectly reveals the characters; which cannot but go to the plus of the plot.

It would not be so presumptuous to assume that the Crawford family and Detective Cornell will return in the new season, because evil is not punished, but it should be – this is required by the logic of events. In this case, we will most likely expect the development of Abby’s character as a key figure in this story. It will be curious to watch this or not – a question for the continuation of the series, if it appears. And the first season already coped with its task.

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Conspiracy in Dig Series

Conspiracy in Dig Series

Conspiracy in Dig Series – The action-adventure drama, heavily mixed with yet another conspiracy theory, rarely finds a place in the serial universe. Either Dan Brown is no longer ill at all, or the creators are simply reluctant to get into such topics, although the latter seem to be able to offer rich material for multi-series. In the end, it’s pretty easy to build a horizontal plot on the quest wireframe of the main characters’ adventures. Coupled with a limited number of episodes, you can get a very pleasant, watchable product, capable of intriguing secrets and mysteries to interest any viewer.

USA Network tried to enter these waters with its conspiracy action “Excavation”, spending money on filming in Jerusalem; and four cities in Croatia and inviting the pleasant in many ways Jason Isaacs to lead the international acting ensemble. In general, the abundance of characters, locations and storylines; these are obvious advantages of the project; turned out to be not so unambiguous a boon in the implementation of the script.

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The Elements

Characters, circumstances, places of action and the order in which they are performed change, but the essence of the narrative remains unchanged. There is some terrible secret around which revolves a couple of incredibly secret organizations; and just mysterious personalities who dream of derailing the whole world. And there are, of course, for the time being, unsuspecting main characters; who, willy-nilly, will have to stop the next Armageddian. On the one hand, if this scheme is not accepted, then you should not start watching, on the other hand … the soul treacherously demands at least some fresh meat. Where as, but in “Excavations”, unfortunately, you can not look for it.

In principle, there are no complaints about the main movie actors – they act and react within the framework of a given logic, try not to fake. Moreover, the development of the harsh male friendship between Israeli; and American detectives looks interesting, although there is no novelty in this situation. The problem is rather created by the fact that some characters; along with their storylines, periodically run into the wall and; while the others are doing something, they frankly skid. As a result, the boy with the heifer; and the insane preacher-sectarian who raised the high priest, in terms of the scope of their actions; remain on the distant periphery, which gives the impression that in each episode of their doing nothing; they have a lot of criminals allotted to them.

Tutankhamun TV Series Review

Tutankhamun TV Series Review

Tutankhamun TV Series Review –  The fashion for historical costume series in their classic version has subsided. As a rule, they try to slip us at best a stylization with a strong detachment from reality or various kinds of speculation on the topic, abundantly smeared with blood and fornication. Apparently, in order to emphasize the fact that today’s society has much more in common with ancestors than is commonly believed, and moral evolution is just a myth.

The option of visualizing a narrative without a goal to shock the viewer with tons of pink meat; and entrails turned inside out is left out of the author’s attention. But the creators of “Tutankhamun” successfully recalled this half-forgotten opportunity; taking as their main goal to tell the tragic life story of a very young ruler; about whom we still know criminally little; no matter how much historians and archaeologists struggle with the secrets of his biography.

The abundance of gaps in the life of the most famous pharaoh in the popular culture environment is fertile ground for building your own mythology. Using the available scraps of information as clues; the scriptwriters created a fairly plausible chronicle of the brief reign of Tutankhamun; whose stay in power can easily serve; as a vivid illustration of life in any court of any ruler at any time.

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The producing companies seem to have spared no expense in supplying the miniseries with an eye-catching picture. The proper atmosphere was achieve primarily thanks to the work of decorators, costume designers; and make-up artists who managed to recreate that very Ancient Egypt; which is well know to us from illustrations in textbooks and frames of popular science programs. The casting directors also worked for the top five; luring to the set exactly those actors who with surprising organicity fit into the proposed images.

Neither the folding storyline, nor the moderate stylization, nor the staging of action scenes, which are quite consistent with the standards of a good large movie budget TV or series, cause no complaints. And despite the fact that sometimes when watching, no, no, and questions arise about editing and acting; they do not spoil the overall impression.

The Jungle Cruise Movie Plot

The Jungle Cruise Movie Plot

The Jungle Cruise Movie plot takes the viewer back to the time of the First World War. The howitzers at Verdun have not yet rattled, which means that the German military machine urgently needs a doomsday weapon. The Entente soldiers seem to have developed immunity to conventional bullets and aerial bombs. The Kaiser had heard plenty of legends about the adventures of the conquistadors and supplied the caricatured German aristocrat with a submarine with a company of black pea jackets. Their goal: to search for magical artifacts in overseas countries. In Latin America, to be precise. It was there, according to legends, that the Spanish conqueror Aguirre (waving his hand to Werner Herzog) managed to find the Tree of Life, whose petals can lift the deceased from the grave and close the living into immortals. It is the most for victory in the Great War.

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With such and such preferences and with Reichsmarks in the pocket, the Kaiser’s brother-in-law could easily find the coveted Tree. The plan is working, no doubt, but the elusive explorer Lily and her inconsistent brother McGregor (Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall), in the best traditions of Dr. Henry Jones, steal the guiding McGuffin right from under the nose of Nemchura and sneak into Brazil. There, at a reasonable price, they hire a two-meter skipper performed by Dwayne Johnson, smash a dozen drunken faces, blow up a port city purely by accident, a la Uncharted, and rush into the jungle. Towards danger, fame and 6+ rating.

And how the hell is it nice when low expectations save a quite tolerable “childish” action movie; from a painful fall into a tub of shit. The fading of the original material, multiplied by repeated transfers due to the “crown”; played into the hands of the tape. “Jungle Cruise” was overexposed in the storeroom for a little over a year; which is why many managed to forget about the picture; and therefore the blatant secondary nature of everything that happens; on the other side of the screen is not so striking.

Watch hocus pocus: the word “cliché” has magically turned into “nostalgic movie.” The festival of expensive CGI with dull vanliners began to feel like a tube trip into the past, when no gray hair peeped out from under Indiana Jones’ hat, and Brendan Fraser went under the table and fantasized how he would hand out Egyptian scum in the Mummy.

If You Really Want to in the Peanut Butter Falcon Movie

If You Really Want to in the Peanut Butter Falcon Movie

If you really want to in The Peanut Butter Falcon Movie – What happens if a mentally ill person is trampled by dreams and self-esteem, Joker showed in detail. But then a counterweight came in time: Down Zach also turns into a hero with a comic book name – Peanut Falcon, however, this transformation takes place thanks to the support of caring people and embodies into reality what Zak dreamed of for many years.

“If you really want to, you can fly into space,” the old proverb says with a charge of optimism. Well, space is more of a fantasy movie, but in this everyday comedy-drama, the movie hero dreams of becoming a wrestler, like his idol Salty Redneck. Does the origin seem too naive-caramel? But in reality, it was almost the case: the scriptwriters met Zach Gottzagen in the camp, suffering from Down syndrome and dreaming of becoming an actor, inspired by his story, adapted it into a script – and debuted with her in full length. The result took off no worse than the Peanut Falcon itself.

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The Secret

And the secret of success is not so much in exemplary representation (even SJW will hardly find something to trigger here), but in some very cozy soulfulness. It is not for nothing that actors, even famous actors like Bruce Dern or John Bernthal; agreed to star in a low-budget production for almost free; and not without reason the film thickly hints at its source of inspiration; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Only here it is not the clever orphan-street child Huck and the naive negro Jim who float along the river; but the clever reluctant criminal Tyler and the naive abandoned by his family Zach. In keeping with travel traditions, heroes quickly make friends and enemies alike. Suspense in the film is provided by Tyler’s colleagues, whom he greatly annoyed and who really want to catch him.

The Billy and Billie Series Plot

The Billy and Billie Series Plot

The Billy and Billie Series plot is as follows: he is a journalist who writes articles for a men’s magazine (like someone reads the text that is typed around a naked woman), she is a freelance graphic designer. She is quite antisocial and in most cases acts like a typical kid. He diligently achieves recognition of his successes at least by those close to him – but, of course, to no avail. According to the canons of modern American dramedy, these strange personalities converge and begin to build relationships.

The plot about two unsociable partners, of course, is “completely new” and does not remind us of anything (hello to the second season “You are the embodiment of vice”). The main difference between this series is that in addition to the similarity of names, the main characters have another problem – they are half-brother and sister.

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And the point is not even that this topic is scrupulous (anime people will not let you lie – the aforementioned plot move is already the norm for them). The main dissonance is caused by the fact that the dramedies are in front of us. That is, they are joking here. A lot of. And the comedic element looks far-fetched. If you are destroying someone’s moral guidelines, then be so kind as to do it reasonably; and with a serious face, and not “purely for frenzy.”

If you reduce the comedy component of Billy and Billy to a shameful minimum, then there is a potentially good melodrama with elements of movie drama. With the proper skill level, this castrated version could have received an Emmy. The potential in the plot is enormous: both public rejection; and legal difficulties, and even about the conflict with religious norms, I generally keep quiet. Cut here, add there, shift accents where necessary – and an exemplary melodramatic series will be release. Comedic elements need to be endure.

Kingdom Series Authors Are Clearly Not Shy About Using Proven Plots

Kingdom Series Authors Are Clearly Not Shy About Using Proven Plots

Kingdom Series authors are clearly not shy about using proven plots – Father-child relationships, love triangle, rivalry are all old, but the writers have done a good job of adapting them into a sports drama.

No line looks far-fetched, no character looks like cardboard. Everyone is equal in drama: Wheeler, who after his release stupidly lost his skills and is afraid to fight for fear of harming again, and Nate, who is looking for his father’s approval, and Jay, who wants attention and praise, and Alvi himself has a number of problems. If you look at all the storylines in isolation from the visual part, then the plot may seem more a family drama than a sports one.

There is nothing you can do: looking at overcoming problems when there are few of them and they are simple is not so interesting. Here’s getting out of a complete impenetrable ass – it’s curious. And every single episode looks balanced in terms of drama, plot and massacre. So ten episodes of the first season with the right amount of free time are watched in one sitting. The pace of the narrative, laid down at the beginning, does not slow down until the very end. The heroes are constantly doing something, interacting and developing, revealing their implicit motives.

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Naturalism should be praised separately. Every, even a minor fight between two strong men leads to the appearance of bruises, bruises, broken lips and fists. They beat me with a bat – great, now that guy won’t be able to walk normally for a couple of episodes. What do you want?

Well, the last plus of this series is that it is as intolerant as possible. There is not a single gay man in the central characters, there is not a single black movie protagonist. No one defends anyone’s rights, does not experience revelations. “The duty homosexual” is present more in the background and is not even introduced into the plot. And this is cool, because the series is about powerful men beating in cages, a little about the family, and also about pain. About severe pain.

Constant Exaggeration in Man Seeking Woman Series

Constant Exaggeration in Man Seeking Woman Series

Constant exaggeration in Man Seeking Woman Series – So, after a successful conversation with a stranger in the subway, Josh, having received her phone number, immediately accepts congratulations from the President of the United States himself. Sometimes obscenities also go into the grotesque: the best friend of the new girl turns out to be the talking member of Tanaka. But in the series, jokes below the belt are always in moderation and serve one purpose – in a vivid, original way to tell an ordinary movie story. A kind of “life through shizu”.

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Sitcoms World

In the world of dusty sitcoms and the endless “Big Bang Theory”, the frenzy of the series hits the bull’s-eye. Sheldon’s adventures with company are dull compared to Josh’s crazy life. Yes, and Jay Baruchel long ago ate the dog on the roles of losers – for ten years now he has been struggling to be on the screens of cinemas. In Rich’s hands, he becomes an absolutization of the “nice guy”: weed, Call of Duty, escape from maternal affection, masturbation.

A lot of films and TV series were shot about such guys; but only Rich in each episode reveals the bored archetype in a new way and not always; by the way, in a positive way. The series often breaks into satire territory; at the same time touching upon sensitive topics: from problems in bed to the well-known rule “Bros before hoes”. Each series has its own themes, images and metaphors, no repetitions.

The result is a dynamic and highly distinctive story. Simon Rich’s imagination was already enough for a season; and a half: the second one began to appear recently; and in one episode reveals already several pressing problems in relationships. “A man is looking for a woman” is a breakthrough thing; and at the same time a proof of the possibility of the existence of the rom-com genre on modern television. If the topic of relationships on TV can be interesting today, it is only with speaking members and Adolf Hitler as the new boyfriend of the ex.

Fantasy Novel Feel in Galavant Series

Fantasy Novel Feel in Galavant Series

Fantasy novel feel in Galavant Series – This time, in some ten twenty-minute episodes, there was so much that it was Cinderella’s work to enumerate everything. All shades of humor and parody are in circulation again, invariable curtsies towards the famous fantasy novels; their creators and favorite tunes, mountains of self-irony, an abyss of amusing anachronisms. And also the obligatory mention of low ratings, a miraculously obtained extension, a profaned Emmy; shaky prospects and everything that can only thin the fourth wall to a state of its complete invisibility. As a result, it is difficult to imagine a more lively work that has such a high self-awareness; and level of communication with the public. Not to mention a lot of charm emanating from any character, including negative ones.

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In terms of the quality of the movie narrative and the artistic content, the second season was not inferior to the first, but in some ways surpassed it. The plot is a little more complex and ramified, the musical numbers delight with compositional diversity; and the world of Galavant itself has grown, for which the whole honest company even went to shoot in Morocco. But, rightly speaking, these comrades could create a masterpiece without even letting the heroes out of the lonely keep. After all, not in Morocco, happiness, but in the fact that people who are in love with their work have got down to business.

For this is a real art – to be inspired by creators, Pygmalions, reviving their fabulously hilarious Galatea. However, the general public is also endowed with a kind of art; which ignores the presence of an island of real magic on the air; does not understand the childishness that is sincere to the point of genius; and does not want to be imbued with it; does not know how to turn off an adult in itself at least for a moment; giving free rein to an enthusiastic child.

Good Start in The Expanse Series

Good Start in The Expanse Series

Good start in The Expanse Series – The demand for space science fiction usually does not fall either among readers or, even more so, among viewers. The reasons are obvious: entertainment, futuristic designs, bold technological ideas, the vastness of space, a variety of extraterrestrial locations and their inhabitants. The proposal, by the way, is also not treading on the sidelines – a huge number of writers and screenwriters are working in the fertile field. However, according to Sturgeon, ninety percent of everything produced by bright minds is nonsense in one way or another. Therefore, the hope is only for the remaining ten.

It is gratifying and somewhere even surprising to suddenly learn that a large-scale cosmic movie epic, without any reservations, fits into the precious ten percent, can actually be filmed in television. The multi-part adaptation of the James Corey saga confirms this; without forcing its own creators to resort to heavy artillery in the form of turning the series into a terry action movie; where there is almost nothing but battles and talk of battles.

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The Prologue

Moreover, the first ten-hour season is in no hurry and is not chasing anyone. It is a pure prologue without any unnecessary excuses for the lack of attempts; to explain the whole story in the first episode. The viewer is led to the disclosure of truths thoroughly and slowly; at the same time offering to turn his head around. Fortunately, there is something to see.

Having no intention of betting on action, the authors, of course, are not going to completely abandon it. The beauty is that there is a place for galactic battles, and for local skirmishes, and for street riot and civil unrest. The balance is correctly observed; and yet no one will get bored while watching; because there are no empty dialogues design to fill ethereal voids in “Space”. Any conversation carries valuable information and reveals the characters; which is especially important if the viewer is unfamiliar with the literary source.

The Heroes of Love Series Are Weak

The Heroes of Love Series Are Weak

The heroes of Love Series are weak, cowardly and selfish people who make mistake after mistake. But they keep warm in the company of each other. This is the central theme of the romcom, and the authors approached it responsibly. Almost the most important episode with the first date was entrusted to put as much as Steve Buscemi (if anything, he shot two good rom-coms and four episodes of The Sopranos). Apatow did not shoot a single episode, but he conveyed his best feature to the series – the ability to portray human relationships in an interesting and realistic way.

Unfortunately, the first full-fledged date of the nerd and the hysterics falls on the seventh episode of ten. Problems with dynamics – Apatow’s long-standing, and “Love” stepped on the same rake. You can watch the episode through one – the relationship of the characters develops with breaks for one episode. First, we go for a walk, throw out together a collection of Blu-ray discs, shouting: “To hell with add. Scorsese materials! ” or we fuck, and then we sit at work for 40 minutes and communicate via SMS or Instagram.

Aside from kicking teenage series on the fictional show Witchita, which Rasta’s character is working on, there are no secondary lines here. On the one hand, it is strange for a ten-episode season with 35-minute episodes. On the other hand, “Love” is exclusively about relationships. In theory, this is a ten-hour film. Thank goodness Netflix is ​​rolling out the season in one fell swoop.

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Plot Delight

There are no plot delights, but secondary characters are of assistance. They are classic best friends and girlfriends, only there are twice as many of them here because of the timing. They do not play a big role in the plot, but serve as beacons of wisdom for our couple. Paul Rust is advised by the wonderful black Jordan Rock, who also complains about the eternal rom-com cliché, according to which the protagonist is always helped by a black best friend.

This is the movie secret of “Love” – ​​no matter how the series builds itself from an atypical rom-com, it still turns out to be a typical Judd Apatow film. True, it runs for ten hours instead of two, but it is a good story about bad people and their attempts to find happiness. Now we are waiting for a story about how they screw him up in the second season.

There Were Plenty of Reasons for Excitement in Daredevil Series

There Were Plenty of Reasons for Excitement in Daredevil Series

There were plenty of reasons for excitement in Daredevil Series – in the second season, blood simply gushed from the screen, and the Punisher himself stepped onto the stage knee-deep in it. Whoever thought of putting Frank Castle in the plot and casting John Bernthal in the role, he’s a fucking genius. The image of a killing machine sits like a glove on Bernthal, awakening in viewers the dreams of a stand-alone TV show about a ruthless vigilante with a skull-sized hole in his heart drawn on his chest. The uncompromising attitude with which the guy strikes the intended goals cannot but cause delight among those to whom Murdoch’s methods seem to be a half measure.

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Ready to Kill

Yes, Daredevil is still not ready to kill. He wears his horned helmet without pride; like a burden to fulfill a sacred vow. Elektra Nachios, who flew out of the past, was his chance to throw off his hair shirt; and cross the line that he once drew for himself, but not destiny. In a desperate attempt by the mean girl to do a good deed; Nachios unrolled the flywheel of events that plunged the heroes into the abyss of an ancient battle of darkness and light. Oh yes, mysticism, hesitating on the threshold of the first season; entered the second movie as a hostess, after the final credits prompting to exclaim: “Basta! It’s time to call Blade for help. “

Somehow, the longing for a black suit is immediately forgotten; and with all the desire to see the continuation of the story; I want the future for Murdoc and his loved ones to be without tragedies. But the fate of a Catholic martyr, who has taken upon himself the heavy cross of the struggle against evil, rarely promises a happy ending, even if this martyr is the devil himself.

The Reasoning of Westworld Series Heroes

The Reasoning of Westworld Series Heroes

The reasoning of Westworld Series heroes will help us to succeed in the eternal search for the meaning of being, in which we are like the Man in Black, maniacally seeking the center of the labyrinth. And its center is always here, in ourselves, because any movie story, written or filmed, tells first of all about a person – that very point of reference, the starting point in a complex system of vital coordinates.

That is why the advice that is banal in the ordinary world to listen to the inner voice takes on a literal meaning here, denoting the main milestone on the path to self-awareness, knowledge and finding oneself. This is the beginning of a journey in search of answers to major questions. Who are we and why are we? What defines us? And how, in the end, are we different from intelligent androids? After all, no one is immune from doubts that our brain is not a generator of original thoughts, but only a device for receiving and transmitting data. Yes, a person is essentially the same robot of bones and muscles, entwined with a network of wires-vessels, but still imagining himself to be something more than a bipedal, coherently thinking piece of meat.

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However, history does not seek to shock, does not present the results of the study of human nature as a discovery – here we already know everything about ourselves. It is rather a reminder that a person overwhelmed by passions is weak; easily capitulating to the temptation to walk along the bottom of his instincts; despite the fact that the craving for power invariably attracts him upward; to rule and command, destroying any obstacles on the way to absolute domination. There are no gods among us – the genius of the technopark Robert Ford understands this like no other. But in order to learn his bitter lesson, it took him too much time and sacrifices; from poor Arnold to Dolores, lost in hell; whose name means “The Mourner” for a reason.

The Most Important Ingredient in the Young Pope Series Is Humor

The Most Important Ingredient in the Young Pope Series Is Humor

Perhaps the most important ingredient in The Young Pope Series is humor, surprisingly in harmony with the drama and intensity of passions raging in the Vatican, which other intriguers never dreamed of. And most importantly, we got a unique opportunity to observe these passions. Despite the seclusion and asceticism proclaimed by the new Pope, the Catholic Church has never been so close to the people. To examine all the characters in this incredible story, there is no need to grab a microscope – here they are, as in the palm of your hand, with all their weaknesses and amusements, dark thoughts, oddities and sins, of which those close to God are no less than any layman for the walls of the Vatican.

And no matter how modern “Young Pope” is by the peculiarities of its interpretation and presentation, yet his heart, proclaiming about growing up, overcoming and searching for oneself, is as old as the world. Here you will involuntarily suspect in Sorrentino and his co-authors, if not geniuses, then exceptionally talented storytellers. They have clothed this ancient skeleton in such attractive flesh that it is as difficult to look away from it; as it is to break away from contemplating the luxurious forms of Venus of Willendorf to His Eminence Cardinal Voiello.

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And if we mention explosive mixtures, then there is no way to pass by the movie soundtrack. She is a separate bright thread in this colorful tapestry. The range of compositions involved is extremely wide: from harsh classics to terry pop. And what they sometimes do in combination with the video sequence defies description. Suffice it to recall the dressing up in ceremonial clothes against the backdrop of I sexy; and I know it, accompanied by a purring Halo message about peace, or the stylish opening of Devlin’s Watchtower.

Strange and Mysterious Tale in The OA Series

Strange and Mysterious Tale in The OA Series

Strange and mysterious tale in The OA series – Its all about a lost and found fugitive does not divide the world into black and white, does not breed operetta villains and does not accept simple solutions. In it you will not find straight lines, like an arrow, allusions and clear parallels. Everything here is shaky, changeable and confusing, as in the lives of the participants in the action. Lost and bewildered souls, crying so eagerly that you want to hug them – all without exception – and console them. It seems, just a little more, and life will break each of them with the usual ruthlessness. However, you can climb out of any abyss if you lean on your right shoulder, albeit as fragile as your own.

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The eight-part mystery, requiring explanations from science, will easily hook anyone who has a thirst for wandering through intricate plots and who knows how to enjoy the journey without hurrying to cross the final line. Indeed, on the way, the wanderer learns so much about salvation and hope, about getting rid of loneliness, about the struggle with the gross materiality of reality and belief in a higher destiny, about family and friends, about cruelty and forgiveness. In this story, there are no fabulous cyclops or lotophages; there is no insidious sorceress Kirka or a round dance of ghosts, but she makes everyday things fabulous; turning people into angels – protectors, saviors, powerful magicians who create true miracles.

No matter how strange this modern poem may seem, in its pretentious, symbolic language; it speaks about simple things, and the main secret in it is not at all about life after death. More important is the return home and the restoration of the long-awaited peace with oneself. And if at the end of the journey, trusting each other, the movie heroes weary of wandering will find what they want, is it really so important how much the cunning Odysseus lied in the story of his wanderings?

What Really Sets Trollhunters Apart From Modern Animated Series

What Really Sets Trollhunters Apart From Modern Animated Series

What really sets Trollhunters apart from modern animated series is the visuals. Responsible for 3D-graphics studio DreamWorks Animations did not skimp on resources and did the work on the level of their recent feature films. The animation is wonderful as it is – smooth and rich, which is especially noticeable in numerous action scenes. Guillermo Del Toro’s caring hand is felt behind the striking design (especially in the underworld). He could not deny himself the pleasure of coming up with dozens of different trolls, changelings, goblins and other monsters.

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Absent of Filler

This beautiful, hilarious and instructive pleasure lasts twenty-six episodes. At the same time, the action does not stagnate even for an episode, many events take place; and the filler series are absent as a class. Even atypical mini-plots like a series with a stop of time or an eerie episode about dreams fit well into the general outline and do not interfere with the action rushing to the end. Several questions, however, remained open. Chief among them: with whom in the second season will the authors replace Anton Yelchin, who voiced Jim? He did an amazing job – as, indeed, did the rest of the movie voice actors, including the regulars on Del Toro projects Ron Perlman and Jonathan Hyde.

The only thing that can prevent you right now from grabbing your kids or younger brothers / sisters; and starting watching the animated series is the lack of official Russian voice acting on Netflix. As for the rest, “Troll Hunters” is not only the best show for a young audience in recent years; but also a real gift to those who miss “Avatar” and “King of Shamans”. But after all, such cartoons are exactly what they love! The heroes of the story are very similar to the spectator, their problems are clear to every schoolchild, and the father or elder brother sitting in the next chair will gladly tell you whether the hero acted well or badly and what lesson should be learned from this.

It Is a Pleasure to Watch David in Goliath Series

It Is a Pleasure to Watch David in Goliath Series

It is a pleasure to watch David in Goliath Series – Thornton ate the dog on the roles of eccentric, charming professionals. A signature look, an insinuating voice and a familiar smile – if Billy asks you for something, then with the look as if you have already done it. It is impossible to argue with him, and the first season of “Fargo” is confirmation of this. The hero is opposed by no less bright personalities. The bosom enemy in the person of Donald Cooperman is brilliantly played by the Oscar-winning William Hurt.

The character suffers from extensive burns and practically does not appear in the frame in the light, ashamed of his monstrous appearance. From a darkened office, he directs his “courtiers”: senior lawyer Kelly Senate and assistant Lucy Kittridge (familiar from “Dredd” Olivia Thirlby). For eight episodes, the main characters manage to go through a metamorphosis, revealing previously unheard of character traits – mostly negative. And only Billy McBride remains true to himself and seeks to recover from vices rather than make new ones.

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The Distraction

The only thing that can distract from the fascinating course of the confrontation is the plot jambs. For example, when Billy and his comrades in search of military specialists find an engineer; and he turns out to be a guy fired due to mental problems; it would be logical to find a more reliable person. As a result, the engineer, as expected, becomes the source of the problems that McBride’s team already lacked. However, many thanks to the movie scriptwriters for the fact that plot bloopers lead to funny twists and the viewer quickly replaces the facepalm with a satisfied smile.

Despite the closed finale of the first season, McBride’s new case is eagerly awaiting. First, the storyline of Billy’s relationship with his daughter and ex-wife has not been complete. Secondly, when Thornton’s face appears on the screen; the world around is transform. Santa Claus from a childhood hero becomes a uniform scum, an ordinary hairdresser begins to behave like a noir character; and, as in our case, an ordinary court case turns into a real battleground for charismatic lawyers.

The Man in the High Castle Series Review

The Man in the High Castle Series Review

The Man in the High Castle Series Review – Netflix’s success in the TV arena not only delights viewers with quality content, but is also an infectious example for the rest of movie streaming services. One of the first to be inspired by the Internet giant Amazon, whose multi-part flagship was the adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel “The Man in the High Castle.”

As in the book, the basis of the series is an alternate history, where the Axis countries won World War II, occupied the United States and divided them into pieces like pie, and the American people had to live under the yoke of fascism. The success of the pilot, which aired in early 2015, prompted Amazon to order the full first season and renew the project for a second, which was released last year.

The narrative is built not only on the demonstration of the oppression of the inhabitants of the States. The plot is driven by the Man in the High Castle; who releases “films” – documentaries about how the Nazis lost the war, the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Japan; and the United States lives happily and carefree. And these echoes of our history are maniacally hunted by a living, but not quite healthy Hitler; who, like the viewer, cannot ignore the thought: “What would happen if? ..”

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On different sides of the barricades, Shang Tsung, beloved by many, are fighting, that is, Carey-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who is still stingy with facial expressions and compensates for its lack of personal charisma, and Rufus Sewell, in the role of Obergruppenfuehrer, makes you forget that he is an Englishman by birth, and not a true Aryan … Performers of the leading roles, Alexa Davalos and Luc Kleitenk; are hopelessly lost in the shadow of their more talented colleagues. Largely due to the lack of expressive play of the main actors with each new episode; there is a desire to turn into Stanislavsky with Nazi stripes and exclaim: “I do not believe, Mayn Fuhrer!”

We must pay tribute to the creators of the series, they did not make an evil empire out of Germany; and Japan. Yes, Jews are persecuted, patrols in the streets shoot the unwanted up to those who “passed by; and we have a demonstration action here”, but neither New York nor San Francisco is not Mordor; and people without moral principles are like among the invaders and in the ranks of the Resistance.

The Idea of ​​Shinkai's Latest Film

The Idea of ​​Shinkai’s Latest Film

The fact is that the idea of ​​Shinkai’s latest film is atypical not only for his own work, but also for Japanese animation in general. In the conflict between private and public, the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun traditionally prefer the latter. And no wonder: the harsh natural conditions of the archipelago made collectivism the only successful strategy for survival, so that the Japanese still have it in their blood.

Europeans are not far from this doctrine: when it comes to saving the world, we are ready to forgive the scriptwriters for the death of their beloved hero. Why, we consider such a plot move to be the only correct one from a moral point of view! Shinkai in WeatherChild turns this concept upside down, leaving the viewer with a gaping mouth in surprise.

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The Violation

Such a “violation of the foundations”, no doubt, will cause bewilderment or even irritation among a part of the public. The creator of the picture understands this himself; “I don’t know how the audience will accept the final of our picture. Surely there will be different opinions, both positive and negative. “

But this polarity of opinions is valuable in itself. It means that the author not only entertained the audience with his film; he made them think about what previously seemed to be an infallible truth.

Therefore, Shinkai continues to be an innovator, even having found his own style and an inexhaustible topic for himself. In Weather Child, he again tells a sentimental love story in stunningly beautiful scenery, but puts a fresh idea in his seemingly simple romantic fairy tale movie about which you can argue for a long time with friends and neighbors in the cinema.

No matter how good and commercially successful the artistic formula is, it is not able to fully satisfy Shinkai’s creative needs. And it is precisely this quality that distinguishes great craftsmen from artisans.

Villain of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Villain of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Villain of A Series of Unfortunate Events – But God bless him, with everything else. The main intrigue for the public was the new incarnation of the insidious villain Count Olaf – the persecutor of the Baudelaire, the source of their constant misfortune and anxiety. Twelve years ago, with the release of the full-length version, Jim Carrey simply stole this character from all his subsequent potential rivals. Neal Patrick Harris had to bear the cross of inevitable comparisons, having taken on such an unbearable burden that it was clearly felt on his shoulders in at least two initial episodes. But already with the appearance in the story of Stefano and the rest of the reincarnations of the “great actor” Olaf, things for Harris went better and better – uncertainty disappears, a new villain is born.

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However, it was not easier for the children – their young colleagues from the big screen coped with the roles perfectly; However, casting directors working with Netflix have a reason to eat their bread: Malina Weissman, Louis Hines; and Presley Smith have got used to the images of Baudelaire orphans just as well as their predecessors.

The second movie season (and there is no doubt about the extension of the series) will surely feel freer and more confident on untouched paths, and this is already noticeable. The fourth book “Sinister Sawmill” was not include in the cinematic universe “Lemony Snicket”; which freed the hands of the creators and actors in the seventh and eighth episodes. If the previous stories of comparisons with the full-length favorite of the public cannot be avoid; then the success of the next seasons will depend solely on the efforts of the troupe; and hackers are not keep there. Therefore, remember firmly: no matter how much Lemony Snicket himself asks you to turn away from the screen; and Neil Patrick Harris did not agree with him in the songs in the opening credits; act like all naughty children; promise not to watch and do the opposite.

The New Trend in Terminator Movie

The New Trend in Terminator Movie

The New Trend in Terminator Movie – Well, and where without other current trends, including THEIR – women, loved ones, strong, independent. All three qualities are embodied in the returned to the screen Linda Hamilton, the obligatory fanservice tablet in order for the film to be compared with the second, reference part (of course, in favor of the copied material).

She here performs approximately the same function as, for example, Jamie Lee Curtis in the last “Halloween” ; makes sure that the series loved by many does not completely crumble into dust, and, of course; illustrates the truth that “and at 63 Sarah Connor I’m inside. ” Unloved, but strong and independent, there is also a new Grace, a cyberized madame from the future; a clear illustration of what every radical feminist should strive for. And not very strong, but just independent too – a Mexican of the proletarian varieties, who in the future should raise a rebellion against the damned machines. And yes, John Connor is quickly consumed: men are either not held in high esteem here, or terminators.

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And terminators, in turn, are either uninteresting or old. The uninteresting is the new movie villain, who even has an unusual and faded name, like the model of a new phone. However, it is difficult to call him a villain: he plays in the T-1000; also seems to made of a semblance of liquid metal (and knows how to split in two).

He also pretends to be his own among the police and military, he also tries to be cold and frightening. But if Robert Patrick could do all this, then Gabriel Luna, of course, is able to confuse someone, to pierce someone with something, to frighten someone, but three stern women with rapture themselves beat him up throughout the film, like a punching bag … The new villain is not as pathetic as the antagonist of the fifth part; who ran a race with Sarah Connor, but in facelessness he is not inferior to him.

May the Savior Not Come in Terminator: Dark Fate Movie

May the Savior Not Come in Terminator: Dark Fate Movie

May the savior not come in Terminator: Dark Fate Movie – The modern viewer, raised in a fertile popcorn field, significantly fertilized with a metamodern disregard for everything covered with the scab of time, to be honest, basically absolutely does not care what happened at the end of the century with your Skynets. Soaked in sugar-free Disney spill coca-cola syrup, he simply won’t understand why oldfags are so dragged away from old films with now-eaten bodybuilding and the career of governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He will not be imbued with attempts to revive the franchise batey of the series.

James Cameron, who snatched his favorite episode from the clutches of the producers who had killed it between the filming of the new “Avatars”. Just take it and quote the character of Tom Cruise from Soldier of Failure: “He is a fading star, a white dwarf flying into a black hole; these are the laws of physics, they are inevitable. ” Even the T-1000 had to run out of energy one day. And now he was exhausted. In fairness, he tried his best to say goodbye to the viewer with dignity.

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Political Stuff

To make the film look a little more cheerful, a dull; and dull political subtext is woven into it: a Spanish family that lost their jobs due to robots; that same (okay, not the same, but you understand) wall on the border of the United States; and Mexico, a prison for immigrants with the homeland of the fajitos; the flight of a family from a country now ruled by a president with the face of an iron Terminator. Why all this was need is categorically incomprehensible: it is totally far-fetch, wires; and microcircuits and does not add any relevance to the film. “The Terminator” has never really been about politics movie at all.

Lastly about the danger of irrepressible technological progress – yes; but why put on all these decorative little things; about the plight of Latin American leftist-minded victims of technological progress, only Cameron knows. The funny thing is that the last “Rambo” with another star of the action movies of the 1980s and 1990s, Sylvester Stallone, also moved to Mexico. Looking forward to the films “Kickboxer: A Kick on the Pinata” and “Under Siege: El Sigalte”?

Keith Shortland Vision of Black Widow Movie

Keith Shortland Vision of Black Widow Movie

Keith Shortland Vision of Black Widow Movie – But in this film there should have been as few white men as possible, so bear with it. Dreams are dreams, but a wretched novella and jokes about menstruation are on schedule. At least this is the course of director Keith Shortland, firmly convinced that Black Widow came about thanks to the #MeToo movement, and not because this film has been begging for so many years.

But let’s take a look at what she did and whether this tape can be watched by normal viewers. It all starts extremely cheerfully, almost like in good dynamic spy-political thriller movie, and the operator chooses several sensible angles, recalling that Scarlett Johansson is loved not only for her acting, but also for, so to speak, the shell. However, the further, the more the film turns into a secondary Marvel project with drawn drama, typical and not the most inventive action and, of course, large-scale explosions in the end. There are a couple of bright spots in this action, but it is more melancholy than gratifying. As a result, most of all episodes come without action at all; when good actors are trying hard on the screen. But how much will their works be enough for a simple spectator, if he has already seen everything else many times?

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Yes, Black Widow is not the worst movie and certainly not the worst movie in the MCU. However, it no-no yes raises questions that arise in the midst of the audience slumber. Who are these films for now? Will Kevin Feige ever take risks in the future? Is there be anything outside of supporting women, gays and blacks in the series? Will there be films … for the viewer and not for the saliva-splashing, tolerant-inclusive press? “Black Widow” can be watched literally once, but if the tape already raises such questions; then all the following Marvel projects should now be treated with very great suspicion. Like the pretty girls found on the streets of Thailand, all the paintings are now potentially tricky. Be attentive and careful.