Biohazard Infinite Darkness Series

Symptoms of the disease in Biohazard Infinite Darkness series. Well, finally, you can take a break from the non-canon horror of Paul W.S. Anderson! The coolest animation is back! Wow Capcom, along with the old team that the game publisher has made the last three CGI films with! Also under the wing of Netflix … Yes, Netflix … That’s the catch. Even perfect tandems in time-tested universes can easily get your pants dirty on the back when streaming services are hooked up. Netflix, of course, has great projects like Dragon Prince and Klaus, but it’s kind of scary, especially when a film about black Albert Wesker and his five inclusive daughters looms on the horizon. Well, okay, now about another piece.

The announcement of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” caused only pleasant emotions. Finally, not just an animated film was expected, but a full-fledged series where you can introduce more characters, reveal them and how to enrich all this with action. However, the more news came in, the more doubts plagued. It turned out that there are only four episodes with an average of 27 minutes – it’s just a full-length cut into pieces.

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Time of action – between the first cartoon “Resident Evil: Degeneration” and the game Resident Evil 5 – just then in the world of Resident Evil nothing interesting happened. The Gray Earth has already been destroy, the president’s daughter has already been save; Excella Gionne is studying the samples of the parasite and the Ancestor flower in Africa obtained by Ada; and Chris and Jill are following Wesker’s footsteps to Spencer’s mansion. What, and most importantly, who else is there to talk about? Well, the series that came out only confirmed the fears. The movie plot is unicellular, some characters are irrevocably stupid, others are simply superfluous, but events do not play any role at all in the Resident Evil universe. Filler turned out with a capital letter.

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