Boardwalk Empire Blood and Wine

Boardwalk Empire Blood and wine is really nice. From whatever side you look, Boardwalk Empire is an extremely beautiful series. The joint efforts of screenwriters, artists, costume designers and lighting designers have managed to recreate the world of the 1920s in all its dirty luxury. Bohemian parties sinning with excesses, smoky gangster dens, impeccable dandy costumes and other delights of “dry law” create a multidimensional image of the era, where every detail is selected with inhuman care. The quality bar is so high that even some feature films will feel like flawed halflings, trying to reach it on tiptoe.

Nevertheless, one sin behind the “Underground Empire” is still found. The flip side of the coin is that all this stylish splendor sometimes goes to the detriment of the movie story itself. The creators are so carried away by admiring their works that they forget about everything else. While they open their mouths and poke their fingers with smug admiration at some authentic lady’s hat, savoring the gracefulness of its folds, the plot winds around them in circles and frantically waving their hands, trying to attract attention. “Hey, what the hell am I ?!” He shouts, like a ghost that no one has seen.

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This leisurely enjoyment of the local flavor translates into very strange things from a narrative point of view. So, for example, a weighty chunk of screen time is allotted; to the struggle for the educational program of life safety. Guarding Pregnant Women was such a subject at school. No, this, of course, is very instructive … However, no, not a damn it is not instructive. To be honest, this is monstrously boring and irrelevant. If rope and soap were stored in public places behind glass with the inscription “Break in case of unbearable sadness”, then this stub would serve as the best reason for this kind of action. Hey, writers! Where are the rivers of blood, where are the merciless showdowns; where are the unthinkable abominations of characters, where, after all, is hell on earth? Any kind of movement? ..

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