Characters in the It Movie

That’s terrible! Surprisingly, as the characters in the It movie matured, the film itself should have grown. The beginning of the struggle of the “Losers Club” with the demonic clown won the hearts of critics and viewers more than logical: the director turned the standard “horror story” into a movie novel about the horrors of growing up, the young actors were extremely convincing in their images, it was impossible not to empathize with them. And the infernal Pennywise appeared to be a convincing, concentrated evil, which had to be fought not for the sake of the conditional salvation of the world, but simply for the sake of making it somehow possible to live in the small provincial town of Derry, where it is not particularly possible to turn around.

But the heroes left in almost full complement, everywhere acquired urban foppish habits and practically lost their proprietary provincial charm – except that Richie Tozier both was and remained a lover of other people’s mothers, although the concentration of naive schoolboy jokes, of course, decreased (maybe in vain! ). But what has been added is the pretense in the relations of the characters: all the heroes look extremely unnatural.

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Their motivation constantly raises questions: they then decide to leave Derry; faced with another nightmare from Pennywise, then remain almost for no apparent reason; then they are imbued with respect for each other, then they decide to selfishly leave their friends. Moreover, the scriptwriters seem to have forgotten to complete some of the storylines. Some moments (for example; Bill’s meeting with friends before the final fight) kill the meaning of entire episodes that preceded them. It just show that this sequel just make no sense at all to the movie audience.

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