Coming Out in True Blood

Coming out in True blood is a unique phenomenon in its own way. Another story about the love sufferings of the Heroine and the immortal Hero could cause an ordinary viewer only a fit of irritation, if not for the virtuoso ability of the creators of the series to deftly mix badly combined components in one glass. This is not to say that over the past five seasons, Alan Ball has never changed his sense of taste – television gourmets have repeatedly noted the imbalance of genre ingredients, but even they had to admit that the final result is still an outlandish cocktail, and not a hodgepodge.

We do not recommend drinking this cocktail in one gulp, because then you will not taste the sugary sweetness of “Twilight“, the obvious bitterness of “From Dusk Till Dawn” and the main theme is the cheap whiskey of American life with its heap of social problems. And let vampires live on the rights of sexual minorities in the god-fearing Bon-Tam; in this situation, even a viewer; who is alien to the author’s metaphors receives a series of sketches never seen before: “vampires in politics”; “vampires and xenophobia”, “vampires and a damn waitress with telepathic abilities “. Okay, we have already seen the latter, well; so we wish this topic to find its natural ending at the bottom of the Louisiana swamps.

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All this rich movie material has been consumed over five seasons in varying degrees of quality, directly dependent on the correct proportion of the mentioned components. Plans for the future were not long in coming. Shake but not mix? Alan Ball shrugged, so HBO turned to another bartender, Mark Hadith, for help.

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