Finale of Rambo Movie

John won’t die in the finale of Rambo Movie. By the fifth part of the franchise, Sylvester Stallone has acquired the status of a kind of living Hollywood coat of arms, in which you will not just get a hell of a deal – it is generally indestructible. It seems that the blood of the enemies of John Rambo alone could have blocked a small canal and launched barges through it, but there is somehow enough steel for everyone: to escape from prison, train a young boxer, and enter the ring against the hero Robert de Niro himself. … True, it is felt that “Last Blood” is his swan song in his main role in his career (although a prequel about young Rambo is promised). Well, great – you need to retire in this way: in good health, with dignity and a twinkle.

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Meat Grinder

However, those expecting a meat grinder from the film in the manner of the one that good old Scilly did in the fourth part; will be slightly disappointed; the direct action begins closer to the last third of the film. Prior to that, John, pretty tired, catches flashbacks about the horrors of the Vietnam War; swallows handfuls of cardiomagnet and, from old memory, digs tunnels under his father’s ranch; where he lives with his childhood friend and her daughter. And then, when the girl is kidnapped by Mexican slave traders, she gets involved in the investigation – and here one would expect a showdown in the spirit of the “Hostage”. But let’s face it: the melancholic “Last Blood” perfectly demonstrates; first of all, the tiredness that both Rambo and the performer of his role feel.

Someone will say: “John is no longer cake” – and partly will be right. The fifth movie became for Stallone a kind of farewell to the hero: he is exhausted by narzan, the demons of the past and the constant expectation of war. He is still formidable, brutal, and it is better not to get in his way. But at the same time, the aged Rambo became sentimental; he is imbued with almost paternal feelings for the kidnapped girl; dreams of getting out of the endless circle of death and teaching horses. However, according to the canons of American fighters, if your last name is not Dufrein; and you are not heading to Zihuatanejo, then hell awaits you in Mexico. So John is at ease.

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