Game of Thrones Series

The luckiest of all this Game of Thrones Series season, perhaps, were Tyrion, Sansa and Petyr, Brienne and Jon Snow. Slightly less – Daenerys and her retinue, the entourage of Stannis Baratheon, Arie with the Dog and everyone else. Of the deceased, what can I say, it would be strange to use the word “lucky” in relation to them. But the luck of all the above heroes is not in what exactly happened to them. This is a kind of rating of the storylines of the characters in whose fates the most significant changes have taken place during the new ten movie episodes. For many characters (and viewers, of course) these changes are usually presented in the form of shock therapy, but for Thrones this is the norm. It is difficult to get used to it, and it is not necessary. Just enjoy it.

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The epic nature of what is happening from series to series and from season to season is constantly growing. A striking evidence of this is, undoubtedly, the battle on the Wall. Well, and to a lesser extent, a demonstration of grown dragon. Otherwise, it is difficult to note something fundamentally new without going deep into the plot. Perhaps, among the memorable is the rebirth of the outspoken bastard Jaime Lannister into a relatively positive hero. For ennobling his image, let’s say thanks to Brienne Tart. And Sansa Stark finally got out of the “shell”. Well, Tyrion was incredibly pleased with the emotional monologues at the trial and in the dungeon and the scenes of retribution in the final episode. Few were sick for half-husbands, seeing how he administers his personal justice with his own hands. Ave, Tyrion!

As for everything else … the series continues to hold the benchmark for any other fantasy cycle on screens large and small. This is something that many and many creative teams will have to be equal to if they want their future creations to be perceived by the public at least somewhat seriously. “Game of Thrones” has taken its own Iron Throne, from where it will come down oh how soon. Westeros is destined to hold the minds and hearts of the audience for a very long time, especially since the most terrible, exciting and beautiful pages of his history are still to be read by all of us.

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