Hatfields and McCoys Series

Ten reasons for my hate of Hatfields and McCoys series is a true story that is more literary than cinematic. The fiery intensity of passions, bright contradictory characters and even his own kind of Romeo and Juliet … In this situation, a weak-minded reviewer may feel a completely natural urge to neglect his professional duties and start writing a school essay of the worst kind. Well, such that epithets burst under the weight of merciless pathos, from which nostrils rise in an allergic attack, even in heroes with invincible immunity.

And ideally, the wording should be empty and mournfully meaningless, like the look of a guinea pig, which was asked to solve a mathematical equation in two variables. The result would be something like the following: “Through images filled with bitterness, the author wanted to show the futility of violence and cruelty that flare up out of nothing and lead to the most tragic consequences. The spirit of high humanism … “Whoa, put aside this devilry, what the hell is high humanism ?!

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In fact, the author – and in this case, he can probably be consider the director Kevin Reynolds – of course; he didn’t want to tell us a damn thing. At best, he was motivate by a desire to act out cult scenes from the American annals, how two powerful family clans pack each other in coffins in the most cynical ways; as if they were entitled to a special prize. He approached this task responsibly, and it is unlikely that his work deserves any movie criticism.

But the operator, it seems, decided that since he is dealing with a television movie; then the imagination can take a day off and hang in the clouds, daydreaming about naked girls, crispy croissants, trips abroad; and anything else, just not about interesting angles. It seems that from time to time he simply stuck a tripod with a camera into the ground; muttered: “Further, guys, somehow yourself”; and with a feeling of deep satisfaction from the work done, he defiled to the nearest tavern. Overkill? .. Well, yes, perhaps, but for the sake of a catchphrase, you can write something else, you know.

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