Ijiranaide Nagatoro san Series

Blood, sweat and ecchi in Ijiranaide Nagatoro san series “Step on me and call me trash!” The anime community yelled after the pilot episode of “Don’t Be Mocked, Nagatoro-san.” Replenishment has arrived in the elite squad of crazy waifu. Rejoice, lovers of tsundere and mental BDSM. Did you miss the psychological terror? Now, on your street, the holiday of ridicule and humiliation will thunder with might and main. The cruel devil that hides under the pretty face of the “first year” is cunning, insatiable and unshakable in his desire to revel in the bitter tears of the downtrodden viabu.

“Nagatoro-san” is the very case when an archetypal anime movie about pistils, stamens and anxious high school students flatly refuses to enter into an articulate dialogue with the viewer. What are the reasons for the local genre corps de ballet? Where does the tube rom-com end and the real Korean thriller begin here? And how did it happen that now on the network depraved arts from Nagatoro flash almost more often than canvases with Asuka and Megumin?

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The Paint

We paint the picture with pastels: the quiet life of a schoolboy; so spineless that none of the heroes even calls him by name; flies into hell when a pretty girl Nagatoro appears on the horizon. The young lady is pretty, but only in the kawaii pool, as you know, devils are often found. A young sadist in the blink of an eye grabs a frail senpai by the breasts, sprinkles the poor fellow with insults and in the very first episode brings the nerd to tears. But the kid just wanted to giggle, paint and read vulgar light novels. But it was not there. The dark-haired devil firmly holds the main character by the balls; hinting opaquely that the first circle of hell begins not in fiery hell, but within the walls of the school drawing circle.

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