Magic in Napping Princess

By the way, in the film there is not only a princess, but also magic in Napping Princess. How does this fit in with technique? Surprisingly not bad. Maho-fur is not a spell here, but a genre.

But the combination of dreams with reality, again, let us down. Kamiyama is not Christopher Nolan with his Inception or Satoshi Kon with Paprika. The olfactory Olympiad is also not a hot mix. First, in 2020, the Olympics will run from July 24 to August 9, and Obon from August 13 to August 15, so the preparations at the beginning of the film look premature. Secondly, the very conflict over the transport of athletes looks like a stretch even with the current development of technology (see the first paragraph about 86 companies; yes, drones are already in full swing on public roads, not only in the progressive USA, but also in more conservative Russia) not to mention the movie’s 2020 setting and advanced VR headsets. Some kind of outdated future.

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But the combination of reality and satire worked better, especially the mockery of the car boom and consumerism. And the metaphorical portrayal of the scandal in social networks and the media is very effective.

Serious reality is good, for example, in revealing the topic of the daughter – the heiress of her father; who faces great difficulties. For the Japanese audience, this is especially true: for a long time there was no boy-heir in the imperial family, timid proposals began to be made to make princess Aiko ruler, but a tsunami of skepticism hit them.

Also, beauty can be added to the pluses: the camera relishes even simple things like making breakfast; and even in action scenes it almost smacks its lips with pleasure. True, another minus stems from this: the scenes are shown even in too much detail, which makes the timing swell up to almost two hours, and the audience is threatened with drowsiness from the movie protagonist.

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