New Round of Doctor Who

In new round of Doctor Who there was such a chance! “Doctor Who” was shown in cinemas – it was an excellent reason to write a review of it like a real film, and thereby attract the attention of the general public to the series. Alas, this idea crumbled to dust in the very first minutes of viewing: this is not Serenity for you, perfect for both Firefly fans and new viewers. Honestly fulfilling its duty as a jubilee holiday in honor of the 50th anniversary of the cult fantastic epic, “Doctor’s Day” turned out to be one of the most powerful concentrates of fan service that illuminated large screens with their presence. The film is flawed, unable to exist on its own.

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But at the same time delightful, fucking and, perhaps, even a bit brilliant.

Let’s start with a simple one: the authors of the series; when they were allow to play with 3D once, did something that most filmmakers; who have long been accustom to such “innovations” have never dreamed of: they were inspire by this opportunity. Of course, it is used here for the usual purposes, such as giving depth to the picture or poking objects into the camera; but its main function is still different. The whole movie plot of “Doctor’s Day” revolves around three-dimensional paintings that look great in 2D; but in 3D they leave an indelible impression.

True, you shouldn’t expect any blockbuster level of performance from the film; there are several short CG-scenes of futuristic battles, breathtaking at a time; but most of the time there is no question of Scale and Epicity; the adventure, despite the anniversary, turned out to be extremely personal and almost chamber. A war that has swept the entire universe, you say? Fi! In fact, the fate of the universe is decide not on the battlefield; but in a lonely barn around the Big Red Button and in an unlocked tower dungeon; where three Doctors were throw at once.

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