Person of Interest Pilot Episode

Since the Person of Interest pilot episode, Suspect’s audience has split into two categories. The first sincerely considers the series to be a dull tastelessness, stuffed with standard detective moves. The second finds in all this a considerable share of charm and professionalism. Tellingly, both are right in their own way. If Suspect fell into the hands of other people, we would have received another file with a rapidly falling rating, but a couple of creators in the person of JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, it seems, are not at all capable of turning the show into shit. Such is the professional karma. Indeed, if Nolan ever decides to conduct seminars for aspiring movie screenwriters, “The Suspect” will be a good resource for him – if only because you rarely see such skillful treatment of notoriously unremarkable setting and stereotyped serial constructions.

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Past Movie

Moreover, people who remember and love “The Prestige” or “The Dark Knight”, not to mention “Remember”; will be haunted by an easy feeling of deja vu; here is Nolan’s favorite “fantastic assumption” in the form of a smart computer that supplies the main heroes information about a new case; and here – a characteristic duet of opposites, this time in the form of a fighter of the invisible front John Reese (in the person of Jim Caviezel) and a respectable computer genius Finch (Michael Emerson, aka Linus from “Lost”).

Add to this recipe juicy urbanism (the creators do not limit themselves to pavilions, and the city in their performance turns into a breathing organism that lives its own life), spectacular techniques in the form of open finals or appropriate excursions into the past – and now it seems to us that somewhere Bruce Wayne parks around the corner. Moreover, the type of field agent Reese pretty much resembles the new Batman; the same godless coolness and brutality, even now put on a mask and a cloak. It’s scary to think that this man once played Jesus.

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