Problem in Shang-Chi Movie

The second problem in Shang-Chi Movie is the characters. Little charisma is possessed only by supporting actors and beyond. In the front, you have to look at the one-dimensional Sima Liu and Aquafina (the young lady compensates for the lack of charisma with zero acting and tantrums). Even the beauty Zhang Men’er managed to depersonalize, age, and in the second half of the film completely deprive her of lines. 59-year-old Tony Leung has to carry drama and pathos, and 77-year-old Ben Kingsley has to drag humor. But what can you do if young people can’t cope?

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Important Problem

However, two undeniably important movie problems are eliminated at the click of the Infinity Glove when old Chinese action films come into play. They were lovingly cut into fragments and filled to the brim with the possibilities of modern cinema. Here’s a fight on the bus, but on bamboo scaffolding; we have seen all this many times at the same Jackie Chan. However, add to that modern budget, special effects; and the ability to shoot from almost any angle; and get a completely new experience of as old as the world of movie fights.

Every time the dialogue turned into action in The Widow, I wanted to cry and stop watching; but here every time Shang-Chi clenches his fists, the film blooms like a spring flower.

We could continue to scold the film, putting a lower rating, but it will not work – the beauty of fights with almost no firearms is enough here so that the movie does not upset, but, on the contrary, awakens the belief that the most inclusive phase of the MCU will turn out to be better than it seems at the moment …

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