Red Dwarf Series Characters

In an amicable way, such Red Dwarf Series characters should cause a vivid dislike, but if you are familiar with English TV shows, then, most likely, you already guess that everything comes out exactly the opposite. The British have a special talent for doing so that the more negative traits a hero has, the more you become attached to him. So you instantly become attached to the heroes of “The Red Dwarf” and never forget them.

But the characters are only half of what makes the show incredibly valuable. The second half is stories. The fantastic setting provides a truly incredible scope for imagination, but only a few can take advantage of this. Freedom is intimidating and repulsive to most movie writers. They diligently drive themselves into an artificial framework, all free members grab onto reality and even at gunpoint do not dare to add more than one or two fantastic elements to history. And – yes, this is by no means a rule – he would have got too many exceptions. But even among the daredevils who give their imaginations free to soar through the universe and decide on constant experiments, only a few are able to compete with Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, the creators of the “Red Dwarf”.

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The World

Their series has a world inhabited by wax robocopies of celebrities. Monsters that suck out their strongest emotions from people, thereby changing their characters. A prison in which all the results of crimes are obtained by the criminals themselves (stabbed a man in the ribs – he teleported under yours). A planet inhabited by clones of Arnold Rimmer. An elixir that gives absolute luck. And if you thought that when Philip J. Fry turned out to be his own grandfather, it was original … well, think again.

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