Royal Promise in Adventure Time

And not just a promise, but a Royal Promise in Adventure Time, the violators of which are pursued to the fullest extent of the law by giant fire-breathing keepers. Punishment? Torture with math! Well, and death in case of failure, but these are trifles.

And this is all – the fruits of only ten minutes of an essay on a free theme, called by the creator “Adventure Time”. With each new episode, the director and screenwriter Pen Ward and the team are throwing the world of the series with an increasing number of ideas, creatures and activities, without a twinge of conscience jumping from magic to technology, and from technology – to some completely narcotic delirium. And imagine – this mess works pretty well, albeit only to the best of its ability. After all, no matter how sad it is to admit, but not every viewer likes such an approach to the world order; and Adventure Time is unlikely to capture new fans for the theater of free-thinking and chaos.

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Actually, even among fans of crazy fun, there will certainly be people who will not like; say, the appearance of the series. Or its not too obvious, but still overlooked targeting of a not too adult audience. Or at least the fact that Jake’s dog (who, by the way, can freely stretch and take any shape – such dogs in this movie world) are never turned into a robot – and he is voiced by Bender from Futurama, John DiMaggio. In general, if you wish, you can think of many reasons not to go with Fin; and Jake in search of adventure; and some of them will even be relatively adequate. But first, it’s still worth giving the series a chance. He’s funny, varied, upbeat, and has a rainbow unicorn that speaks Korean.

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