Sherlock Visual Series

As for the localization of the Sherlock visual series, here the employees of Channel One did a great job and corrected the annoying discrepancies with the original, which were expressed in the complete absence of additional (pretty) background pictures.

In general, an absolutely fantastic season in terms of soulfulness and disclosure of characters can both please and leave the audience to cherish a wild disappointment. Desperate Holmes, shooting at people, is absolutely not comme il faut and not what everyone was waiting for.

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The east wind is coming …

The viewer waited for the third movie season, thoroughly worn out. Excited by the abundance of survivor theories, fans never expected what they saw. Nobody presented them with a delicious apple on a silver plate. Instead of a sweet pill, a scalpel was again passed through the spectators’ brains. As a result, the question of which, after all, the option of salvation from the damn dozen was true, everyone still decides for himself. Well, or trying to piece together a puzzle scattered in the episodes, splitting the series into pixels. And everyone in their hearts hopes; that the evil troll Moffat will take pity and show the answer in the fourth season.

The scalpel cut hurts and haunts. The spectator grumbles. Discontent is mainly caused by the fact that the main intrigue has not been solved, the detective is not enough, but there is a lot of humor. Oh yes, even the obstinate McGuigan did not deign to put his hand to the creation of the third chapter. But, oh god, if anyone hopes that Moffat and Gatiss are going to somehow make excuses … truly, the viewer knows nothing about the creators of the series. Fortunately, the disgruntled grumbling does not prevent the viewer from becoming like Greg Lestrade and, wailing, “Bastard!”

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