Tale in Nightbooks Movie

Tale in Nightbooks Movie

Postmodern tale in Nightbooks movie. The history of this film began long before the release of J.E. White’s Night Notebooks, at the beginning of the 19th century, when the legendary Brothers Grimm, having collected the folklore of their country, literary processed it and released in 1812 The Tales of the Brothers Grimm. The book had a huge impact on romanticism, awakening interest not only in folklore, but also in the dark side of life, scary stories like those written by the main character of White’s work Alex. The modern writer has reworked one of the most famous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm “Hansel and Gretel”, reinterpreting it in the traditions of postmodernism.

“Night notebooks” are filmed by the author, who missed the stars from the sky. Previous horror films by David Jaroveski borrow motives from other films imitatively, without creative rework. Perhaps Yaroveski did not plan to leave a mark on the history of the genre – the main thing is to create commercially successful films, and then come what may. It is difficult to expect from such a director a successful adaptation of a postmodern work – the desire to simplify and reduce everything to a primitive is incompatible with the intertextual creation of J.E. White. The success of this book is excellent proof that the modern public is not always content with handicrafts. But the director strained himself and produced a very entertaining film, intended, like any good fairy tale, not only for children, but also for adults.

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“Night notebooks”, like any postmodern text, can be viewed at different levels. It is at the same time a tale about an evil witch and children who outwitted her; with a demonstration of magic in numbers, sometimes exceeding the level of “Harry Potter”. It is also an interpretation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, its adaptation to modern realities. Times change, but children are still the same. They can be easily lured into a trap by entertainment and made prisoners of a house of sweets. Mysterious stories attract children; for them it is a way out of the harsh reality into the world of a fairy tale. So Alex escaped from his problems, writing scary movie stories. To those around him, he seemed strange, because he was not like everyone else. Perhaps that is why the witch spared him and forced him to write stories for herself.

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Banana Fish Movie Events

Banana Fish Movie Events

The literal transfer to our days of the Banana Fish movie events that took place in the original in the 80s, frankly, turned out to be not the most successful decision. That there is only one former Soviet special forces soldier, whose story is written out with the cranberry juice of the harvest of Stalin’s times (which still all the way at the time of the creation of the manga, but for today’s realities, at least the entourage would have changed!). Alas, the appearance on the screen of smartphones and the Internet and the strong modernization of chardiz is the only thing that connects the series with the present. In all other respects, this is a mastodon from the past, everything in it is like in the mid-90s, from the movie plot to the animation, so you just believe – yes, they are the most.

Now this is only on “Samizdat” and “Litenet” spread. Deliberate drama through “I can not” completely kills the intrigue that is already breathing on incense, and half of the series is occupied by the aimless running of the heroes back and forth, when not they move the plot, but the plot drags them where the author has planned. Towards the end of “The Banana Fish” she suddenly tries to play a political thriller, which turns out to be just as unsightly as with a crime drama, in which at least the main antagonists (Arthur and Papa Goldzini) arouse some interest as individuals. Colonel Fox, who comes to the fore in the last episodes, is a typical villainous cardboard.

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And that’s the kind of thing. It cannot be said that the Banana Fish is designed for young idiots or yaoischits; and it deserves its 18+ rating not because of the annoying topic of Mr. Milonov, but it is clearly weak with a little mind. The authors chose not to get involved with the study of Balsamo’s Mafia, Puzo’s creative legacy; or, at least, watching a season or another of the notorious Sopranos Clan. As a result, the viewer received pulp fiction with color pictures; where red and blue predominate among the colors; and the characters have to empathize only because they persistently poke you into their feelings. So-so replacement for “Gangreve” or “Crying Killer”, but with Salinger and fagots.

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Street Gangs in Banana Fish

Street Gangs in Banana Fish

Street gangs in Banana Fish do not include infantiles hysterically expressing their feelings in the style of the characters in Anna Karenina. And even because in some “Brigade”, which is trying to cover the bastard snouts of the post-Soviet bandos with a fleur of Arthurian romanticism, there is more truth in the thieves’ life than in Ash’s adventures. But what they really resemble is one of the movie episodes of “Supernatural”, when girls in the school theater put on scenes from the life of the Winchester brothers. But there they were joking, and here it is still the same school theater group, only on serious cabbage soup.

What can I say, Ash himself is a typical Marty-Stu with all the ensuing problems, only instead of the magical Hogwarts – gangster New York. The guy is 17 years old, and everyone around is spreading like a nightingale on the topic of how cool and smart he is. The old pervert mafioso Goldzini was about to make him his successor. The shadow government of the non-spiritual Pindostan is ready to nominate him; for the presidency (seriously, this is not a joke!). And how Ash owns a revolver …

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Although this, perhaps, is perceived with the least skepticism. The bad news is that on the screen the prerequisites; for such flattering assessments are weakly traced (except for shooting, everything is clear here); basically boiling down to, again, completely girlish ideas about a seventeen-year-old prince on a white “Merce”; with a tragic fate, brilliant and subtle soul and – for “a rose in a heap of shit.”

But he has a weak point – Eiji Okumura (also not one of these); for which you can give your life and sell a point. So as soon as the adversaries take aim at the anal virginity of a heartfelt friend; the Terrible Lynx immediately surrenders. Okay, once I gave up, another one … But how long can you spend on the same thing? Alas, this is such a strange way from the author of the original source (the manga is quoted almost literally) to show Ash’s affection for Eiji. The emergence of which, for that matter, is not particularly motivated by anything.

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Irony in Ready or Not

Irony in Ready or Not

Irony in Ready or Not is present at all levels, even in the casting and soundtrack. So, the performer of the main role Samara Weaving two years ago was herself a sacrifice in the comedy horror film “The Nanny” directed by McGee. And on the opening credits, the Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven sounds, which laid the foundation for the belief about the curse of symphonies at number nine. There is also a romantic Elvis Presley in conjunction with non-romantic events, and a music lover butler, combining the hunt for a man with an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s overture “1812” – the part of it where “God Save the Tsar! ..”

To match the black (not skin color) butler – Gothic maids and an equally Gothic estate with candles, fireplaces, dark corridors, spiral staircases and secret passages. So the setting is also in order: it is chamber, but atmospheric.

Works for the atmosphere and the animal world: goats, flies – classic devilishness. And where there are flies – there is probably something else unsightly. So there are also moments of disgust in the film – but there are few of them and they are not relished. And violence here often tends to convention and comedy. Therefore, the film can easily be watched even by non-fans of slashers.

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“I’m Going to Search” fits into the context: nowadays, movie about human sacrifice and hunting for people have become frequent in the cinema, take at least the recently released “Solstice” by Ari Astaire or the “Hunt”, which is preparing to leave (but postponed due to cases of mass shooting in the USA) Craig Zobel. He also reminds of earlier films – for example, “Get Out” by Jordan Peel, where there was also an ominous entry into the family of a loved one; and social commentary. Or “Kill Bill” by the already mentioned Tarantino: brides are not the first time to get out of the ground; shed blood and show character.

It has long been known that the rich have their quirks. But if they try to kill you, it’s kind of too bizarre. Some filmmakers, like Zobel, cover this topic on serious cabbage soup; and Matt Bettinelli-Alpin and Tyler Gillett decided to break away and shot a comedy as black as Kumamon. What for? For the glory of Satan, of course!

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Genre Poverty in Fruits Basket

Genre Poverty in Fruits Basket

Genre poverty in Fruits Basket along with the parsimony of plot moves, has long formed a slightly dismissive attitude towards anime and manga “for girls” among Western audiences, where gender roles are viewed differently. For the overseas viewer, perhaps, only the direction of maho-shojo is more or less alive, within the framework of which such experimental things as “The Sorceress Madoka Magika” or the recent “Priority of the miracle-egg” periodically appear.

“Fruit basket” is an exception in this sense. She is one of those shojo anime movie that public opinion (including Western) has taken out of the category of guilty pleasure, elevating it to the status of “anime classics”. This is all the more surprising that Takai’s story contains all of the above places common to the direction and does not seek to jump over his head and make something more complex out of shoujo – as, for example, was the case with the “Vision of Escaflon”.

Then what ensured “Korzinka” its special position?

In short, a sincere belief in the best in a person, even in the most desperate circumstances. In “Korzinka” the circumstances are really desperate: the plot is replete with desperate situations and assorted tragedies that the characters are experiencing violently in a non-Japanese way.

At the same time, the difficulties they face are mainly not external, but internal. The heroes try to overcome the traumatic experience of communicating with their parents; and peers, alienation from others, the fear of either loneliness or intimacy. These feelings are universal, and therefore it is so easy to empathize with them.

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In addition, the abundance of experiences not related to romantic relationships; makes the characters of the “Basket” more versatile and ambiguous. And now it is no longer so easy to figure out who is a good man, who is a villain, who deserves a reward, and who is censure.

This is a complex moral, but, surprisingly, not gray: good deeds remain so, bad ones too; but even the biggest meanness can be forgiven. This means that both redemption and change for the better are real. This is still the great illuminating power of the “Korzinka”. Who knows, perhaps it is this power that the genre needs; so that it can again give the world something fresh, impressive, or at least just sincere.

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Normal Intrigue in Angel Has Fallen

Normal Intrigue in Angel Has Fallen

The lack of a normal intrigue in Angel Has Fallen movie should be compensated for by human action, as they like to say now, “to turn off the brains and look at the picture.” Well, here our angel also stumbles on level ground. The director of the film, Rick Roman Waugh, the author of the excellent, but never blockbuster films “Outlaw” and “Shot into the Void”, decided to pile something like his own “Informer”, focusing on the personal experiences of the hero, but leaving room for moderate tough action movie.

It turned out super strange: almost all the battles take place in the dark, the cameraman breaks into close-ups, and the paralytic editing turns the scenes into a mess. As a result, it is impossible to understand what is happening, who is beating whom, who is shooting at whom. The only shootout scene at the end, filmed in daylight, is also staged without any imagination – except that the helicopter at the end is released from the chain, hovering over Butler like a gorged fly. At the same time, we are loaded with the hero’s thoughts that; they say, he is already old for this work. What for? After all, this still has almost nothing to do with the plot, but only makes the already clumsy picture heavier.

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Well, that is the truth – wherever you look, you will see something bad. Good actors are turned into cardboard boxes on which emotions are painted (even Morgan Freeman – you have to contrive!). Zlye russkie are briefly mentioned, who remain somewhere behind the scenes; but, of course, strive to bring the American dream to hell with other sinners. This is a film about American Democracies – how can we do without “rasskiz”?

The action movie has been, and remains, since the time of the first part, an entertainment propaganda: the United States will save everyone, Butler will crush everyone with his chin. But if “The Fall of Olympus” was really well staged and rode on patriotic pompous cabbage soup; and “The Fall of London” at least amused with its epic nonsense about terrorists in the Royal Guard; then in “Angel’s Fall” there are only boring allusions to interference in the American elections. And it’s boring to watch the budget version of “President’s Airplane” with a vegan action game that absolutely lacks “meat”. The fall is over, the bottom has been reached. The angel won’t fly anymore.

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Optional Sequel of Dont Breathe 2

Optional Sequel of Dont Breathe 2

Optional sequel of Dont Breathe 2 starring Federico Alvarez and Rodolfo Sayages have been working together since Uruguayan times as a director-screenwriter couple. After moving to Hollywood, where they found a patron in the person of the cult director Sam Raimi, the friends shot two full-length horror films. Then Alvarez worked in Europe on the new part of the franchise about the hacker Lisbeth Salander; and journalist Mikael Blomkvist, and Sayages decided to make his directing debut.

Friends are known in trouble, so Federico did not leave his friend Rodolfo alone on the set, but only changed places with him – in “Don’t Breathe 2” Alvarez is already a screenwriter. This event did not bring cardinal changes – if the sequel complements its predecessor, it is only in terms of scale. If in the first part the blind veteran of the Gulf War Norman Nordstrom confronted thieves who wanted to take money from him; then in the work of Sayages he risks a much more valuable one – a child who liked the drug cartel.

The Phoenix Girl is rescue by Norman in a fire; and is name after a mythical bird that rises from the ashes. The image of Phoenix does not have any metaphorical interpretation; so the meaning of the name is the simplest – the girl survived the fire, so let there be Phoenix.

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The original, well received by movie critics, nevertheless embarrassed with its parasitism on Wes Craven’s hit “People Under the Stairs.” Somewhere nearby in terms of influencing the concept of the newly-made franchise was the “Collector”, from where the creators of “Don’t Breathe” borrowed the traps in the veteran’s house.

The second part already directly retells the sequel to “The Collector” with minor deviations; like the sentimental attachment of the stern war wolf Norman to the Phoenix girl. They did not forget Alvarez with Sayagez and the Rambo franchise; in the fifth part of which the hero of Sylvester Stallone fought a drug cartel in memory of the girl; who died through their fault. The film, assembled from the motives of other tapes, is a common thing in the era of postmodernism. The main thing is that the authors come up with a decent design for this collage.

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Story About Boogipop

Story About Boogipop

Sadness and paranoia in the story about Boogipop, his numerous opponents and no less numerous comrades perfectly reflects the spirit of the 1990s, when a series of light novels of the same name was released. Mistrust of the authorities and society, adherence to conspiracy theory and conviction in the existence of secret organizations conducting illegal and unethical experiments on the population, a willingness to meet the supernatural … All these sentiments that were in the air 20 years ago are express in “Bogeypop” as clearly as; and in the legendary X-Files. But, of course, in different ways: globalization has not yet erased the difference in the creative style of representatives of different countries.

It is all the more curious that “Boogiepop”, like “The X-Files” a few years ago, is now experiencing a new birth: for the twentieth anniversary of the light novel, the movie adaptation of the first volume of the saga about the adventures of an androgynous “shinigami” in a ridiculous hat was release.

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This is the second attempt to tell the story of Boogipop in a television format. The first in an effort to capture the by then elusive mood of the past decade was undertake in 2000. And while the two animes differ in storytelling, they leave a similar feeling: sadness with a tinge of paranoia.

The composition of the series after its rethinking also did not undergo significant changes: it consists of separate arches; each dedicate to the misadventures of the most ordinary Japanese schoolchildren. It’s just that one of them is a brilliant hacker; the second is an artificial person raise by a secret organization; the third is a cannibal, and then on an increase. At the same time, the anime does not look like an ode to mediocrity (like an average shonen); since not one, but absolutely all of its characters are extremely unusual people.

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Demon Slayer The Endless Train

Demon Slayer The Endless Train

Conductor, don’t put on the brakes in Demon Slayer The Endless Train. The novices of the Hideaki Anno church have already slobbering up and down the last rebuild of “Eva”, fans of dubious ongoings enjoy wet dreams with the participation of Nagatoro-san who went (it’s useless to deny), and the full-length Kimetsu no Yaiba, keep me seven-boxing, mercilessly across the globe. In Russia alone, “Demon Slayer: The Endless Train” collected almost one hundred million rubles. What can we say about the monetary leapfrog that is happening in the kingdom of Nippon: at home screenings, the film surpassed both “Your Name” and “Spirited Away” by maestro Miyazaki. Is the “Train” destined to be the match that will ignite the bonfire of the anime revolution? At least in our area.

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On the one hand, nothing prevents you from exclaiming: “Yes, the market is zero!” The trough of tears shed by a random otaku in their thirties; at the end of the Exterminator session is worth a dozen reddish reviews on Metacritic. Whatever one may say, but the two-hour Kimetsu no Yaiba accelerates the strengths of the multi-part predecessor; with the same zeal with which Rengoku’s Pillar of Flame demolishes the cabins of cunning demons hungry for the blood of detective hunters for evil spirits.

Murder on the Orient Express stumbles over the horror stories of Junji Ito; and plops his face into a photo chronicle of the Taisho era. The picturesque wisteria forest and the bustling suburb of industrial Tokyo were left behind, but only his sister Nezuko, obsessed with Japanese devils, fit into the knapsack on the back of the center demon fighter Tanjiro. In general, the opening of the film resembles the seed of an ordinary episode; of the series with its “demon of the week”; and a pack of courageous overpowering to boot. The young warrior, together with a bunch of young swordsmen, is playing a tightly knocked ballet with katanas and tabular sorceries pleasing to the eye in front of the movie audience.

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Ijiranaide Nagatoro san Series

Ijiranaide Nagatoro san Series

Blood, sweat and ecchi in Ijiranaide Nagatoro san series “Step on me and call me trash!” The anime community yelled after the pilot episode of “Don’t Be Mocked, Nagatoro-san.” Replenishment has arrived in the elite squad of crazy waifu. Rejoice, lovers of tsundere and mental BDSM. Did you miss the psychological terror? Now, on your street, the holiday of ridicule and humiliation will thunder with might and main. The cruel devil that hides under the pretty face of the “first year” is cunning, insatiable and unshakable in his desire to revel in the bitter tears of the downtrodden viabu.

“Nagatoro-san” is the very case when an archetypal anime movie about pistils, stamens and anxious high school students flatly refuses to enter into an articulate dialogue with the viewer. What are the reasons for the local genre corps de ballet? Where does the tube rom-com end and the real Korean thriller begin here? And how did it happen that now on the network depraved arts from Nagatoro flash almost more often than canvases with Asuka and Megumin?

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The Paint

We paint the picture with pastels: the quiet life of a schoolboy; so spineless that none of the heroes even calls him by name; flies into hell when a pretty girl Nagatoro appears on the horizon. The young lady is pretty, but only in the kawaii pool, as you know, devils are often found. A young sadist in the blink of an eye grabs a frail senpai by the breasts, sprinkles the poor fellow with insults and in the very first episode brings the nerd to tears. But the kid just wanted to giggle, paint and read vulgar light novels. But it was not there. The dark-haired devil firmly holds the main character by the balls; hinting opaquely that the first circle of hell begins not in fiery hell, but within the walls of the school drawing circle.

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Biohazard Infinite Darkness Series

Biohazard Infinite Darkness Series

Symptoms of the disease in Biohazard Infinite Darkness series. Well, finally, you can take a break from the non-canon horror of Paul W.S. Anderson! The coolest animation is back! Wow Capcom, along with the old team that the game publisher has made the last three CGI films with! Also under the wing of Netflix … Yes, Netflix … That’s the catch. Even perfect tandems in time-tested universes can easily get your pants dirty on the back when streaming services are hooked up. Netflix, of course, has great projects like Dragon Prince and Klaus, but it’s kind of scary, especially when a film about black Albert Wesker and his five inclusive daughters looms on the horizon. Well, okay, now about another piece.

The announcement of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” caused only pleasant emotions. Finally, not just an animated film was expected, but a full-fledged series where you can introduce more characters, reveal them and how to enrich all this with action. However, the more news came in, the more doubts plagued. It turned out that there are only four episodes with an average of 27 minutes – it’s just a full-length cut into pieces.

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Time of action – between the first cartoon “Resident Evil: Degeneration” and the game Resident Evil 5 – just then in the world of Resident Evil nothing interesting happened. The Gray Earth has already been destroy, the president’s daughter has already been save; Excella Gionne is studying the samples of the parasite and the Ancestor flower in Africa obtained by Ada; and Chris and Jill are following Wesker’s footsteps to Spencer’s mansion. What, and most importantly, who else is there to talk about? Well, the series that came out only confirmed the fears. The movie plot is unicellular, some characters are irrevocably stupid, others are simply superfluous, but events do not play any role at all in the Resident Evil universe. Filler turned out with a capital letter.

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My Little Pony Heroines

My Little Pony Heroines

Moreover, the variety and coolness delight not only the My Little Pony heroines themselves, but also the stories in which they have to participate. In some episodes, girls learn to communicate with each other, in others, they save the world from an imminent apocalypse, in others, they literally go crazy. So, all of a funny penultimate episode of the first season, after a couple of minor changes, would quite pass for a prologue to some horror movie – moreover, a prologue soaked through and through with an atmosphere of sticky, flesh-eating tension. After him, the “Cupcakes” fanfiction (who knows, he will understand, who does not know – can always google, although it is better not) ceases to look so implausible and out of character Pinkie Pie.

“My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” is a comedy fantasy adventure that begins with a girl, mired in her studies, sent at the behest of her mentor on a mission to a small town, where, against her will, she is drawn into friendly relations with five other girls. At first, Twilight is pretty nervous about the current situation; but, as you know, nothing brings them closer together than the need to jointly save the world from eternal night. Therefore, the girls quickly become not spilled with water; and Twilight remains to live in the town, periodically reporting to the teacher; about his discoveries in the field of the most complex of sciences – Friendship.

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What is especially interesting: if usually in such series; new main characters wedge themselves into already existing, long-established parties, then in FiM a group is formed around Twilight. Previously, her newly found friends practically did not communicate with each other, and no wonder; they have very different tastes, interests, and life in general: one grows apples on the farm; the other rushes through the sky all day, the third is easier to communicate with wild animals than with peers; the fourth is busy with high fashion, and the fifth is Pinkie Pie. Now the girls have to urgently find a common language with each other, and this leads to a number of wonderful movie episodes.

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Typical Day on Regular Show

Typical Day on Regular Show

And now this, ladies and gentlemen, is a typical day on Regular Show. Whatever Mordecai and Rigby are doing, any daily activities and entertainment when meeting with this couple quickly (if not quickly – in episodes of only 10 minutes) mutate into something crazy. Have you decided to do an outdoor screening of a horror movie? We’ll have to fight off the crowds of the dead, in a hurry dug out of the graves. Are you playing the Sega Master System? In less than five minutes, the final boss will beat the faces of the heroes in the real world. Have you decided to play a trick on your friends on the phone? Stuck in the past fighting a giant telephone receiver. Will they quarrel? They will certainly make this a personal problem of the Lord God himself.

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Could a show with this approach be boring and monotonous? Yes, of course! But Regular Show, like any good piece, was pretty lucky with the creators. Firstly, they are clearly not by hearsay familiar with the monster named “Sense of proportion” and therefore easily keep the opening halves of the episodes within the framework of funny, but almost realistic sitcoms. The cooler are the abrupt transitions to deliberate madness, when the writers turn off the brakes from the narrative and arrange their “From Dusk Till Dawn”, only without blackjack and vampire whores.

Secondly, they do not complain about the atrophy of fantasy muscles or lack of interest. The guys are real geeks, and they are interested in a bunch of different hobbies, and therefore in the episodes they alternately get role-playing games, and consoles, and garage rock bands, and lousy horror films of the times of grindhouses, and YouTube videos, and wrestling, and much more. Why, there, even about such an ordinary thing as coffee – and then they drew a separate series, as if wishing to prove to the whole world that, if desired, any object and action can be turned into a herald of the apocalypse or at least the room scale of a surreal fucking thing in a matter of minutes.

Imagine that South Park replaced its heroes with 20-year-old, but still not matured guys, and then suddenly stopped using the themes of their episodes for social satire, instead starting to have fun, simply bringing them to the point of absurdity … and Regular Show it still won’t work. But a very, very rough idea of ​​how fun the show is, you can draw up on such a fantasy.

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Royal Promise in Adventure Time

Royal Promise in Adventure Time

And not just a promise, but a Royal Promise in Adventure Time, the violators of which are pursued to the fullest extent of the law by giant fire-breathing keepers. Punishment? Torture with math! Well, and death in case of failure, but these are trifles.

And this is all – the fruits of only ten minutes of an essay on a free theme, called by the creator “Adventure Time”. With each new episode, the director and screenwriter Pen Ward and the team are throwing the world of the series with an increasing number of ideas, creatures and activities, without a twinge of conscience jumping from magic to technology, and from technology – to some completely narcotic delirium. And imagine – this mess works pretty well, albeit only to the best of its ability. After all, no matter how sad it is to admit, but not every viewer likes such an approach to the world order; and Adventure Time is unlikely to capture new fans for the theater of free-thinking and chaos.

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Actually, even among fans of crazy fun, there will certainly be people who will not like; say, the appearance of the series. Or its not too obvious, but still overlooked targeting of a not too adult audience. Or at least the fact that Jake’s dog (who, by the way, can freely stretch and take any shape – such dogs in this movie world) are never turned into a robot – and he is voiced by Bender from Futurama, John DiMaggio. In general, if you wish, you can think of many reasons not to go with Fin; and Jake in search of adventure; and some of them will even be relatively adequate. But first, it’s still worth giving the series a chance. He’s funny, varied, upbeat, and has a rainbow unicorn that speaks Korean.

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Magic in Napping Princess

Magic in Napping Princess

By the way, in the film there is not only a princess, but also magic in Napping Princess. How does this fit in with technique? Surprisingly not bad. Maho-fur is not a spell here, but a genre.

But the combination of dreams with reality, again, let us down. Kamiyama is not Christopher Nolan with his Inception or Satoshi Kon with Paprika. The olfactory Olympiad is also not a hot mix. First, in 2020, the Olympics will run from July 24 to August 9, and Obon from August 13 to August 15, so the preparations at the beginning of the film look premature. Secondly, the very conflict over the transport of athletes looks like a stretch even with the current development of technology (see the first paragraph about 86 companies; yes, drones are already in full swing on public roads, not only in the progressive USA, but also in more conservative Russia) not to mention the movie’s 2020 setting and advanced VR headsets. Some kind of outdated future.

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But the combination of reality and satire worked better, especially the mockery of the car boom and consumerism. And the metaphorical portrayal of the scandal in social networks and the media is very effective.

Serious reality is good, for example, in revealing the topic of the daughter – the heiress of her father; who faces great difficulties. For the Japanese audience, this is especially true: for a long time there was no boy-heir in the imperial family, timid proposals began to be made to make princess Aiko ruler, but a tsunami of skepticism hit them.

Also, beauty can be added to the pluses: the camera relishes even simple things like making breakfast; and even in action scenes it almost smacks its lips with pleasure. True, another minus stems from this: the scenes are shown even in too much detail, which makes the timing swell up to almost two hours, and the audience is threatened with drowsiness from the movie protagonist.

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Characters in the It Movie

Characters in the It Movie

That’s terrible! Surprisingly, as the characters in the It movie matured, the film itself should have grown. The beginning of the struggle of the “Losers Club” with the demonic clown won the hearts of critics and viewers more than logical: the director turned the standard “horror story” into a movie novel about the horrors of growing up, the young actors were extremely convincing in their images, it was impossible not to empathize with them. And the infernal Pennywise appeared to be a convincing, concentrated evil, which had to be fought not for the sake of the conditional salvation of the world, but simply for the sake of making it somehow possible to live in the small provincial town of Derry, where it is not particularly possible to turn around.

But the heroes left in almost full complement, everywhere acquired urban foppish habits and practically lost their proprietary provincial charm – except that Richie Tozier both was and remained a lover of other people’s mothers, although the concentration of naive schoolboy jokes, of course, decreased (maybe in vain! ). But what has been added is the pretense in the relations of the characters: all the heroes look extremely unnatural.

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Their motivation constantly raises questions: they then decide to leave Derry; faced with another nightmare from Pennywise, then remain almost for no apparent reason; then they are imbued with respect for each other, then they decide to selfishly leave their friends. Moreover, the scriptwriters seem to have forgotten to complete some of the storylines. Some moments (for example; Bill’s meeting with friends before the final fight) kill the meaning of entire episodes that preceded them. It just show that this sequel just make no sense at all to the movie audience.

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Person of Interest Pilot Episode

Person of Interest Pilot Episode

Since the Person of Interest pilot episode, Suspect’s audience has split into two categories. The first sincerely considers the series to be a dull tastelessness, stuffed with standard detective moves. The second finds in all this a considerable share of charm and professionalism. Tellingly, both are right in their own way. If Suspect fell into the hands of other people, we would have received another file with a rapidly falling rating, but a couple of creators in the person of JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, it seems, are not at all capable of turning the show into shit. Such is the professional karma. Indeed, if Nolan ever decides to conduct seminars for aspiring movie screenwriters, “The Suspect” will be a good resource for him – if only because you rarely see such skillful treatment of notoriously unremarkable setting and stereotyped serial constructions.

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Past Movie

Moreover, people who remember and love “The Prestige” or “The Dark Knight”, not to mention “Remember”; will be haunted by an easy feeling of deja vu; here is Nolan’s favorite “fantastic assumption” in the form of a smart computer that supplies the main heroes information about a new case; and here – a characteristic duet of opposites, this time in the form of a fighter of the invisible front John Reese (in the person of Jim Caviezel) and a respectable computer genius Finch (Michael Emerson, aka Linus from “Lost”).

Add to this recipe juicy urbanism (the creators do not limit themselves to pavilions, and the city in their performance turns into a breathing organism that lives its own life), spectacular techniques in the form of open finals or appropriate excursions into the past – and now it seems to us that somewhere Bruce Wayne parks around the corner. Moreover, the type of field agent Reese pretty much resembles the new Batman; the same godless coolness and brutality, even now put on a mask and a cloak. It’s scary to think that this man once played Jesus.

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Red Dwarf Series Characters

Red Dwarf Series Characters

In an amicable way, such Red Dwarf Series characters should cause a vivid dislike, but if you are familiar with English TV shows, then, most likely, you already guess that everything comes out exactly the opposite. The British have a special talent for doing so that the more negative traits a hero has, the more you become attached to him. So you instantly become attached to the heroes of “The Red Dwarf” and never forget them.

But the characters are only half of what makes the show incredibly valuable. The second half is stories. The fantastic setting provides a truly incredible scope for imagination, but only a few can take advantage of this. Freedom is intimidating and repulsive to most movie writers. They diligently drive themselves into an artificial framework, all free members grab onto reality and even at gunpoint do not dare to add more than one or two fantastic elements to history. And – yes, this is by no means a rule – he would have got too many exceptions. But even among the daredevils who give their imaginations free to soar through the universe and decide on constant experiments, only a few are able to compete with Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, the creators of the “Red Dwarf”.

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The World

Their series has a world inhabited by wax robocopies of celebrities. Monsters that suck out their strongest emotions from people, thereby changing their characters. A prison in which all the results of crimes are obtained by the criminals themselves (stabbed a man in the ribs – he teleported under yours). A planet inhabited by clones of Arnold Rimmer. An elixir that gives absolute luck. And if you thought that when Philip J. Fry turned out to be his own grandfather, it was original … well, think again.

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Problem in Shang-Chi Movie

Problem in Shang-Chi Movie

The second problem in Shang-Chi Movie is the characters. Little charisma is possessed only by supporting actors and beyond. In the front, you have to look at the one-dimensional Sima Liu and Aquafina (the young lady compensates for the lack of charisma with zero acting and tantrums). Even the beauty Zhang Men’er managed to depersonalize, age, and in the second half of the film completely deprive her of lines. 59-year-old Tony Leung has to carry drama and pathos, and 77-year-old Ben Kingsley has to drag humor. But what can you do if young people can’t cope?

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Important Problem

However, two undeniably important movie problems are eliminated at the click of the Infinity Glove when old Chinese action films come into play. They were lovingly cut into fragments and filled to the brim with the possibilities of modern cinema. Here’s a fight on the bus, but on bamboo scaffolding; we have seen all this many times at the same Jackie Chan. However, add to that modern budget, special effects; and the ability to shoot from almost any angle; and get a completely new experience of as old as the world of movie fights.

Every time the dialogue turned into action in The Widow, I wanted to cry and stop watching; but here every time Shang-Chi clenches his fists, the film blooms like a spring flower.

We could continue to scold the film, putting a lower rating, but it will not work – the beauty of fights with almost no firearms is enough here so that the movie does not upset, but, on the contrary, awakens the belief that the most inclusive phase of the MCU will turn out to be better than it seems at the moment …

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The Mystery of the Dragon Seal

The Mystery of the Dragon Seal

Cards, stamps, Jackie Chan in The Mystery of the Dragon Seal. It is not entirely clear what is wrong with Russian mainstream film producers. Instead of ordering a good script for a talented American screenwriter, let them pay him a tidy sum for it, they give this tidy sum to talented foreign actors, and write the script themselves for free. As a result, the actors have nothing to play, the script falls apart into episodes from the very first frames, and the film goes to the grave in the cemetery of the Next Big Unsuccessful Projects. So it happened with the long-suffering “Secret Dragon Seal”, which really wanted to, but could not.

Here is Jonathan Green (the hero of the original “Wii”; if anything) comes to Emperor Peter I to give him the cards. Some unforeseen circumstances happen to him (we will do without spoilers, otherwise nothing will remain of the film at all). Now he is being sent to China for new cards. For some reason he goes there – his character is devoid of motivation; as much as Russian mass cinema is devoid of good scripts. But what is there, paradoxically; but even the timekeeping of the main character of the film is almost less than that of some secondary (in theory) characters.

For example, with Jackie Chan, the keeper of that very seal, it is, of course, wonderful that he was given more screen time than could be expected, the scene with him is generally the best in the film. But in that case, why deprive the protagonist? So that an already breathing story will lose its one frail plot engine?

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They tried to solve the problem of loosely connected events by creating a considerable number of heroes. Here you will find a mysterious man in an iron mask (in Hollywood grimacing Kolokolnikov, playing the hero of Dumas’s novels), and the guard of the English Tower, driven by the laws of honor (he was quite vividly portrayed by Schwarzenegger), and the Chinese assistant of the protagonist (well, this, you know, utterly clichéd) .

Well, where without an evil, pretentious witch; who dreams of summoning a dragon in order to command the whole world with the help of it? She behaves like the most typical movie villain in the world: she lets her minions into the expense at the first opportunity, scares the people of China and laughs picturesquely when necessary. Moreover, four magic guards were invented for her, similar to each other, like brothers from a casket.

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Hatfields and McCoys Series

Hatfields and McCoys Series

Ten reasons for my hate of Hatfields and McCoys series is a true story that is more literary than cinematic. The fiery intensity of passions, bright contradictory characters and even his own kind of Romeo and Juliet … In this situation, a weak-minded reviewer may feel a completely natural urge to neglect his professional duties and start writing a school essay of the worst kind. Well, such that epithets burst under the weight of merciless pathos, from which nostrils rise in an allergic attack, even in heroes with invincible immunity.

And ideally, the wording should be empty and mournfully meaningless, like the look of a guinea pig, which was asked to solve a mathematical equation in two variables. The result would be something like the following: “Through images filled with bitterness, the author wanted to show the futility of violence and cruelty that flare up out of nothing and lead to the most tragic consequences. The spirit of high humanism … “Whoa, put aside this devilry, what the hell is high humanism ?!

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In fact, the author – and in this case, he can probably be consider the director Kevin Reynolds – of course; he didn’t want to tell us a damn thing. At best, he was motivate by a desire to act out cult scenes from the American annals, how two powerful family clans pack each other in coffins in the most cynical ways; as if they were entitled to a special prize. He approached this task responsibly, and it is unlikely that his work deserves any movie criticism.

But the operator, it seems, decided that since he is dealing with a television movie; then the imagination can take a day off and hang in the clouds, daydreaming about naked girls, crispy croissants, trips abroad; and anything else, just not about interesting angles. It seems that from time to time he simply stuck a tripod with a camera into the ground; muttered: “Further, guys, somehow yourself”; and with a feeling of deep satisfaction from the work done, he defiled to the nearest tavern. Overkill? .. Well, yes, perhaps, but for the sake of a catchphrase, you can write something else, you know.

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Believe in Gravity Falls

Believe in Gravity Falls

I want to believe in Gravity Falls. Disney is such a giant evil corporation that only by mistake brings good to the world. Extremely calculating and often soulless, as a corporation should be, but nonetheless. Its gigantic dark tower is painted with all the colors of the rainbow. Her whips-armed overseers use their weapons solely to perform magic tricks in the best Indiana Jones tradition. Its suffocatingly small workers’ cabins are in fact more spacious than the Tardis. Her most important blockbusters are directed by Joss Whedon.

Her full-length cartoons try to instill a love of video games in little lovers of pink and sweets. Also her cash investment is the main hope for the whole world to get something worthwhile with the “Star Wars” trademark on board, and even to resurrect a number of cult quest episodes of the old LucasArts. And her cartoons are one of the main sources of animated positives on this side of My Little Pony. And until recently, making the last statement was, frankly, blatantly impudent – you won’t be full with Phineas and Ferb alone. But then Disney got Gravity Falls.

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Imagine that the X-Files was filled with humor, moved the action to a small town in the spirit of Twin Peaks, made the characters younger and more interesting, diversified the stories with a bit of purely cartoon movie madness – and voila, you just got a pretty good idea of what is Gravity Falls. But we, of course, will not stop there.

From week to week, brother and sister Dipper and Mabel, who came to visit their great uncle Stan for the summer holidays, are faced with something paranormal. That with a copier that allows you to create copies of living people. Then with a horde of gnomes who dream of finding a minor queen; so that she gives birth to children for them (strange things are censored now, very strange). Then paradoxes move in time and chemistry.

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The Green Knight

The Green Knight

Every The Green Knight movie is a Variety editorial of modern classic and 80% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Independent directors are independent directors who shoot outside the studio dictate, as the soul commands, as the perversion commands. Already these guys remember that in the Middle Ages, fairy tales were needed to intimidate the little ones, because you cannot mold an exemplary sinner from a scared child in a pissed-off bed.

Puritans do not recognize passions, except those that are allowed after the wedding, and Robert Eggers with “The Witch” and Matteo Garrone with “Scary Tales” willingly climb into the territory of the occult intoxication and bloody grotesque of the Baroque era. There is plenty of room for tickling nerves outside of medieval game. Solstice – psilocybin, ritual sex and Scandinavian pagans. “Lighthouse” – turpentine, senile farting and Lovecraft. “Crimson Peak” – Gothic, ghosts and a Victorian style of hopelessness.

“The Times They Are A-Changin,” sang Bob Dylan. The words are obvious, but this is how it is: times change, modernity revolves in the coffin, while all your “post” and “meta” are glue neither to the village, nor to the city, nor to the repose. Hollywood right-fighters are drowning in paperwork, Scarlett Johansson chasing Disney attorneys through the courts, and A24-scale offices quietly sawing solid indies and grabbing film awards while sipping juice in their neighborhood.

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David Lowry, author of the paranormal melodrama “A Ghost Story”; and the retro biopic “The Old Man with a Gun” about an elderly bank robber (Robert Redford; how good you are!), Walked the same winding path. The director is know for his love of non-verbal narrative; when the story is tell not by the lips of the main characters; but by the hands of editors, sound engineers and cameramen. We can sacrifice the verisimilitude of a lyrical scene for the sake of a juicy picture; in the style of an old crime movie. Making Rooney Mara choke on blueberry pie mixed with tears for five minutes is always welcome. Under Lowry’s supervision, the formless acquires tangible features, and the shaky manages to be bring under the foundation on which His Majesty Cinema stands: fewer words, more camera.

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Finale of Rambo Movie

Finale of Rambo Movie

John won’t die in the finale of Rambo Movie. By the fifth part of the franchise, Sylvester Stallone has acquired the status of a kind of living Hollywood coat of arms, in which you will not just get a hell of a deal – it is generally indestructible. It seems that the blood of the enemies of John Rambo alone could have blocked a small canal and launched barges through it, but there is somehow enough steel for everyone: to escape from prison, train a young boxer, and enter the ring against the hero Robert de Niro himself. … True, it is felt that “Last Blood” is his swan song in his main role in his career (although a prequel about young Rambo is promised). Well, great – you need to retire in this way: in good health, with dignity and a twinkle.

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Meat Grinder

However, those expecting a meat grinder from the film in the manner of the one that good old Scilly did in the fourth part; will be slightly disappointed; the direct action begins closer to the last third of the film. Prior to that, John, pretty tired, catches flashbacks about the horrors of the Vietnam War; swallows handfuls of cardiomagnet and, from old memory, digs tunnels under his father’s ranch; where he lives with his childhood friend and her daughter. And then, when the girl is kidnapped by Mexican slave traders, she gets involved in the investigation – and here one would expect a showdown in the spirit of the “Hostage”. But let’s face it: the melancholic “Last Blood” perfectly demonstrates; first of all, the tiredness that both Rambo and the performer of his role feel.

Someone will say: “John is no longer cake” – and partly will be right. The fifth movie became for Stallone a kind of farewell to the hero: he is exhausted by narzan, the demons of the past and the constant expectation of war. He is still formidable, brutal, and it is better not to get in his way. But at the same time, the aged Rambo became sentimental; he is imbued with almost paternal feelings for the kidnapped girl; dreams of getting out of the endless circle of death and teaching horses. However, according to the canons of American fighters, if your last name is not Dufrein; and you are not heading to Zihuatanejo, then hell awaits you in Mexico. So John is at ease.

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Everything Changes in My Little Pony

Everything Changes in My Little Pony

Everything flows, everything changes in My Little Pony “Not a cake anymore!” Someone, somewhere, is always shouting this about something. Because there are always people who joined something new and interesting, looked / read / listened in one gulp everything that was already there, and began to wait with delight for the author to continue to release new materials that magically will give rise to the same sensations of novelty in the soul , unexpected coolness and concentrated power that produced a unified stream of his early work. And they don’t give birth. Because they cannot, physically. Because you can’t endlessly repeat the same “wow effect”. Equally, it is impossible to change – it all the more repels “true” fans. This is why listening to statements like “No longer cake” is one of the most useless things in the world.

However, in its second season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – exactly that “is no longer a cake.” Or rather, not that one. And it’s not about the fact that it got worse – but one small, almost imperceptible plot advance, and not so much a clear change in the main concept, together made the second season noticeably different from the first.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: There is no main character in the second movie season. And in the first – there is, Twilight Sparkle. For all the episodes, even those that do not concern her at all, the audience ended up looking through her eyes – the eyes of a girl who every week learned from the world around her lessons about the “magic of friendship” in order to write a report for her mentor.

But in the very first episode, filmed specifically for the second season – the superb schizo Lesson Zero; this concept is dismissed. Twilight, once missed the schedule, loses valuable place to the only pony who has the right to report to Princess Celestia about the morality of the next life situation (which the latter has never seen before), and the letters themselves lose the status of mandatory completions of any good day, turning into pleasant ones. but completely optional bonuses.

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