My Little Pony Heroines

My Little Pony Heroines

Moreover, the variety and coolness delight not only the My Little Pony heroines themselves, but also the stories in which they have to participate. In some episodes, girls learn to communicate with each other, in others, they save the world from an imminent apocalypse, in others, they literally go crazy. So, all of a funny penultimate episode of the first season, after a couple of minor changes, would quite pass for a prologue to some horror movie – moreover, a prologue soaked through and through with an atmosphere of sticky, flesh-eating tension. After him, the “Cupcakes” fanfiction (who knows, he will understand, who does not know – can always google, although it is better not) ceases to look so implausible and out of character Pinkie Pie.

“My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” is a comedy fantasy adventure that begins with a girl, mired in her studies, sent at the behest of her mentor on a mission to a small town, where, against her will, she is drawn into friendly relations with five other girls. At first, Twilight is pretty nervous about the current situation; but, as you know, nothing brings them closer together than the need to jointly save the world from eternal night. Therefore, the girls quickly become not spilled with water; and Twilight remains to live in the town, periodically reporting to the teacher; about his discoveries in the field of the most complex of sciences – Friendship.

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What is especially interesting: if usually in such series; new main characters wedge themselves into already existing, long-established parties, then in FiM a group is formed around Twilight. Previously, her newly found friends practically did not communicate with each other, and no wonder; they have very different tastes, interests, and life in general: one grows apples on the farm; the other rushes through the sky all day, the third is easier to communicate with wild animals than with peers; the fourth is busy with high fashion, and the fifth is Pinkie Pie. Now the girls have to urgently find a common language with each other, and this leads to a number of wonderful movie episodes.

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