The Utopia Second Season

The Utopia second season even if at first it seems like an unnecessary turn into the past, is objectively necessary in order to put everything in its place in this extremely confusing story. Instead of a long confession monologue, we are offered a rich picture, so as not to get bored. And you won’t have to complain about the lack of progress in the main plot. The second chapter of “Utopia” is as crazy as the first, and somewhere, even in its luxurious madness, it spits. Still, the characters wear pistols and all sorts of piercing and cutting objects here not for beauty.

A peculiar humor of the British is to call a purely dystopian thing a utopia, where even a riot of colors inspires alarm and hits the nerves. There are a lot of examples: a killer’s kit is kept in a funny yellow lacquer bag; across a frenzied green field under an azure blue sky, the fugitives flee from the assassins; on the cozy wallpaper in a cheerful flower, a scarlet fan of the bloody spray of the next victim spills out. You can continue indefinitely. The contrast is so striking that it only once again convinces that the sun blissfully shining over the heads of the heroes does not guarantee a cloudless ending, not only of the whole story, but even of the current scene.

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“Utopia” is an absolutely mind-blowing thing. Yes, in general, any project intending to debate the advisability of crossing the framework of universal human morality is deliberately provocative. And the local movie plot is no exception. Children shot, horrible experiments, torture and genocide. All for the sake of Utopia, for the sake of a wonderful future. Kill some so that others live, and stop at nothing.

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