Typical Day on Regular Show

And now this, ladies and gentlemen, is a typical day on Regular Show. Whatever Mordecai and Rigby are doing, any daily activities and entertainment when meeting with this couple quickly (if not quickly – in episodes of only 10 minutes) mutate into something crazy. Have you decided to do an outdoor screening of a horror movie? We’ll have to fight off the crowds of the dead, in a hurry dug out of the graves. Are you playing the Sega Master System? In less than five minutes, the final boss will beat the faces of the heroes in the real world. Have you decided to play a trick on your friends on the phone? Stuck in the past fighting a giant telephone receiver. Will they quarrel? They will certainly make this a personal problem of the Lord God himself.

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Could a show with this approach be boring and monotonous? Yes, of course! But Regular Show, like any good piece, was pretty lucky with the creators. Firstly, they are clearly not by hearsay familiar with the monster named “Sense of proportion” and therefore easily keep the opening halves of the episodes within the framework of funny, but almost realistic sitcoms. The cooler are the abrupt transitions to deliberate madness, when the writers turn off the brakes from the narrative and arrange their “From Dusk Till Dawn”, only without blackjack and vampire whores.

Secondly, they do not complain about the atrophy of fantasy muscles or lack of interest. The guys are real geeks, and they are interested in a bunch of different hobbies, and therefore in the episodes they alternately get role-playing games, and consoles, and garage rock bands, and lousy horror films of the times of grindhouses, and YouTube videos, and wrestling, and much more. Why, there, even about such an ordinary thing as coffee – and then they drew a separate series, as if wishing to prove to the whole world that, if desired, any object and action can be turned into a herald of the apocalypse or at least the room scale of a surreal fucking thing in a matter of minutes.

Imagine that South Park replaced its heroes with 20-year-old, but still not matured guys, and then suddenly stopped using the themes of their episodes for social satire, instead starting to have fun, simply bringing them to the point of absurdity … and Regular Show it still won’t work. But a very, very rough idea of ​​how fun the show is, you can draw up on such a fantasy.

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