Violence in Dexter Series

In addition to violence in Dexter Series against familiar themes, the season was marked by a couple of three shotguns loaded with blanks. In addition to the mysterious programmer from the previous season, Masuki’s missing daughter and new boss Deb have been added to the company. Completely useless devourers of screen time and objects of fan theories, which are destined to turn into smoke by the end. Again. And that’s not to mention Batista’s sister, who received almost more screen time than the maniac of the season.

The latter loses even to such notorious movie antagonists as Miguel Prado or Travis Marshall. It jumps out under the curtain, has an extremely meager timing and, in general, is just a tool for creating drama out of nothing.

With the distribution of this very time, this time it came out quite full of seams. The standard situation of every second episode: absolutely measured narration without plot revelations and depictions of everyday life in Miami, and then a quick cut that turns everything upside down. To reduce the streak so openly to the last two or three minutes – you need to have a special talent. The same can be say about the finale. You know you endured this whole season for the last ten minutes.

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Season 8 eases the reviewer’s conscience considerably. The flaws scattered around the corners of the series were finally collect in one place; and brought to a certain degree of absurdity. The seasonal maniac has been relegate to hell out of a snuffbox; minor lines to a miserable makeweight, Dexter’s story to cheap moralizing.

We will hang these photos in front of Dexter. Here they are – your victims. There will be no farewell speech and no enumeration of merits, the moral of this fable is already know. It’s time to plunge a knife into the heart and send the series to the bottom. In parts. And tie the heaviest load to the eighth.

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